Baratza has built home coffee grinders since 1999. We have proudly served the niche market of specialty coffee and have learned a lot about performance and quality. We intentionally design our grinders and their unique features to be financially accessible and increase efficiency for the brewing process. This is an uncommon formula that adds value to any coffee journey.

Below you can find our full range of home coffee grinders with their benefits and most common applications to help you choose your grinder. In addition, we have a blog explaining each of our grinders or you can watch our in-depth video.

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Conical Burrs


Flat Burrs

Use this table to compare which brewing methods are best suited for each grinder model we offer.

Rated with standard burr Manual Brewing = AeroPress, Hario V60, Automatic Brewer, Chemex, French Press

• | Good• • | Very Good• • • | Exceptional

There are many things to think about as you choose which Baratza grinder would work best for you, and your coffee journey. Here are some blog pieces that we think offer good overviews of our range of grinders, and the things to consider when you choose your grinder. We hope they may help you during your decision making process!