Bellevue, WA (March 28, 2019) Baratza was born in 1999, through the inspiration and drive of Kyra Kennedy and Kyle Anderson, from Kyle’s home in Bellevue, WA. For the past 20 years we have been building affordable and reliable precision burr grinders to facilitate and enhance the experience of coffee enthusiasts wherever they are on their coffee journey. We have entry-level grinders, for those starting to use a drip brewer or an AeroPress, and prosumer grinders for the advanced or professional user looking to experience all the flavor nuances of different coffees and brewing styles.

We have pushed the envelope, with innovative firsts for the Specialty Coffee market like macro/micro grind adjust system for fast and repeatable adjustment; Portaholder to grind hands-free into a portafilter; Grind by Weight; plus Grind by Weight directly into a portafilter earning us Best New Product Awards from SCA in 2011, 2013 and 2016. The full range of Baratza grinders and all their features, offer users the ability to create Café quality coffee at home or on bar!

Guiding all of our design, innovations, and manufacturing has been our desire to reduce waste to the landfill. Our grinders are not built for obsolescence, but to give value for a very long time. Baratza is unique to our market in that we make parts available on our website, which, along with detailed documents, videos and live support, allow users to make their own repairs. We have long offered our grinders as refurbs – we take used grinders and fix and upgrade them to give them a new lease of life and delay their deposit in the landfill. #Don’tDumpItFixIt

Now, continuing our drive to offer ever better grinders to the market, we’re excited to introduce a new grinder at SCA this year! It’s the Virtuoso+ … an upgrade and replacement of the current, very popular Virtuoso. In response to customer requests, we have replaced the timer switch with a digital display and a 40 second digital timer, adjustable to the tenth of a second, allowing for easy, repeatable dosing.


Our deep appreciation to all of our employees, suppliers, customers, and the coffee community at large for believing in and supporting us these last 20 years.

To learn more about Baratza, meet our team and see our products, please stop by Booth 759 at SCA Expo. Follow our happenings @baratza on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.