Author: Selina Peña

Irish Coffee Recipe

Irish Coffee Recipe from Joyce Klassen

Today we are thrilled to share this delectable Irish Coffee recipe with you. It comes to us from our Marketing Manager Joyce Klassen, whom I interviewed about her time growing up in Ireland, and her tips for perfecting this drink’s famous creamy textur…

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Pistachio Latte

Try This Recipe: Pistachio Latte

Next on our list of green-inspired drinks is a Pistachio Latte (check out yesterday’s Pandan Latte recipe). This great green nut is slightly sweet and is perfect for those who don’t enjoy super sugary drinks.  After you finish this recipe, you can even…

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Pandan Latte

Try This Recipe: Pandan Latte

To get into the St. Patrick’s Day spirit, we’re sharing our favorite green-inspired drinks. First, the irresistibly delicious Pandan Latte!   The Pandan Latte is something I’ve heard of but never tried until recently. My co-worker was testing out a rec…

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Women in Leadership

Women in Leadership at Baratza

To celebrate Women’s History Month, we took the opportunity to ask the women on our management team about their experience working in the coffee industry. We are excited to draw on the knowledge and expertise of the influential women who help to lead a…

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Celebrating Women’s History Month

March is Women’s History Month! It’s the month where we recognize all the wonderful women in our lives. At Baratza we are celebrating by chatting with some spectacular women in the coffee industry!

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