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starbucks barista

The One Baratza Starbucks Barista

Still have that vintage Starbucks Barista and need parts? Here’s what you need to know. Like all of our units, we have parts and troubleshooting information for this unit on our website.

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Baratza Refurbs

Refurbs: a Win-Win!

Baratza Refurbs At Baratza, we firmly believe that we can be a successful, profitable company and look after people and our planet. We have two vigorous industry-leading programs that help support our goal of reducing waste to the landfills and support…

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Can I convert my Sette 270W to a 270Wi?

by Pierce Jens, Manager of Customer Support & Service YES you can! Converting your 270W into a Wi! The process REQUIRES the use of an Apple phone or tablet*. When can I do it? The display must be purchased and replaced. The part is available for pu…

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Get Excited for the 270Wi

by Pierce Jens & Alex Choppin At SCA Expo 2016, Baratza introduced the revolutionary Sette 270W. We brought our innovative mechanical engineering of coffee grinders to the table in partnership with Acaia’s long history of load-cell (scale) expertis…

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GB 2.0 Upgrade Kit & Video Tutorial Guide

February 27, 2014 Baratza is always striving to improve, from the time we manufactured our first grinder, to right now. The stripped drive gear issue is generally caused by a rock fragment or unroasted bean getting caught between the burrs, causing the…

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