It’s not often that you think about Middle School and great coffee together, right? But that’s definitely what happening at Piedmont Middle School in Charlotte NC. A student team here have a coffee shop, to provide Admin and Faculty with delicious coffee. All this with the goal of raising funds to provide equitable education opportunities for students in rural Malawi.

Some requests that we get for grinder donations just shine through and give us such delight to support. Coffee For Education is definitely one of those! Students here learn real life skills in running the coffee shop. Punctuality, personal responsibility, problem solving, positive peer communication and effective teamwork are all in play, not to mention how to brew great tasting coffee using a variety of brew methods. You can see some great pouring skills at the front end of this TV slot they had last year!

So school has started up again and we hear Coffee for Education is “going to get these teachers fired up for craft coffee, increase student passion for making a great cup of coffee as well as empowering them to become better globally minded citizens”. What a brilliant start to the school year!

If you are a coffee shop owner or a roaster and you’d like to jump on board too – get in touch with their project mentor/teacher Jonathan George via their contact page on the website.

BTW – the website design was an 8th graders project – more pretty awesome student skills and learning!