We feel gratified to share that Baratza grew at a rate of 66% last year Internationally, and over 30% in the US, per year, for the last 5+ years! The ongoing interest and demand for Specialty Coffee, and quality grinders to grind it, has fueled this growth. Keeping up with this demand has presented exciting challenges for our factory in Taichung, Taiwan. Last year, together with our main partner/supplier, PSI, we began the process of building a new factory for Baratza’s grinder production.

Under the guidance of PSI owner Leo Fu, and Brenda Fu, the General Contractor, a beautiful new factory has been built to allow us the space and capacity to continue our growth. Just last week, Baratza Co-Owners, Kyra Kennedy and Kyle Anderson, joined our Taiwan team for a fun Chinese New Year party, and celebration of the new building. Of the 80 or so people at the party, we welcomed many of our close suppliers, factory workers and their families. We now have about 30,000 square feet of production area and new offices, all of it beautifully decorated and ready for a bright future. We are pleased to announce we will begin production in the new factory on March 3 and more pictures of the factory will come, after we are up and running!

Pictured below left to right are: Brenda Fu, Doug & Barb Garrott of Orphan Espresso, Leo Fu, Kyra Kennedy, Kyle and Carole Anderson.