The strong Bolivian wake up juice.

This story is from one of our customers. You may have heard of Parke Cotrell, and if you haven’t, you should. Parke is the bassist for an American indie rock band – Colony House.

Parke enjoys his coffee on the road as much as at home, so we asked him to tell us more about how Baratza has shaped his journey.

Make some coffee, play some tunes and read on.

How did you get into coffee?
In high school I went on a missions trip to Bolivia with the youth group from my church. At a hotel we were staying at, my friend Thomas and I, who shared a dislike for coffee, dared each other to order and drink the strong Bolivian coffee as a joke at breakfast one morning. We choked it down while dramatically expressing how awful it was. The following morning, we both started laughing when we confessed how much we were each craving the black wake up juice. Since then it was history.

When did you get your first Baratza?
My first Baratza was a wedding gift in 2015 – the Encore. Before that I had a long road of discovering new brewing methods and understanding the important processes of grinding and origins of beans. My wife worked at a coffee shop for 2.5 years and was the one who really helped me get more nerdy into coffee.

What’s your favorite coffee story?
February 22nd 2016 – Cardiff, Wales at The Plan Café at around 11am. My band, Colony House, was on tour in Europe and we are brunch fiends. We seek out the best brunch spots close to our location. The Plan Café had great ratings / reviews. We ordered  our coffees and food and while waiting for our food, they brought they coffee and I can’t begin to tell you how good it was. An Ethiopian bean (my favorite kinds of beans) brewed in French Press and it LITERALLY tasted like peanut butter. It was unbelievable.

What’s your preferred brew method? Want to share your go-to recipe?
Brew method favorites change with time. I’ve never owned a Kalita wave but some of my favorite cups have been brewed that way. Currently I use aeropress almost every day with beans from my wife’s old work – The Well Coffeehouse. Their roasterie is very close to our house and like to keep their beans stocked at home. I use the inverted method – 18g of beans and diluted to taste. 

What or who is your go-to coffee education source?
Honestly my source of education comes from visiting as many coffee shops in my travels as I can.

Other than drinking coffee, what do you like doing? Spending time with my wife and dog Coco, hanging out with friends and eating lots of food, playing music in my band, recording music and exercising.

Why is Baratza special to you?
Baratza is special because it absolutely has opened a world to me in my own home to have amazing coffee to share conversations and experiences over. The great facilitator.

It is fun to hear about the many different people who use our grinders for their coffee fix. We are excited to hear many more stories of the Baratza Coffee journeys.  Our thanks to Parke for sending us a snippet of your journey.

All the best.