Every day at Baratza we renew our promise to help the world grind fresh coffee for better brewing. It is so cool when we frequently hear great stories about what Baratza means for our users. We keep being humbled by how much significance our products have in different people’s coffee journeys. From time to time we like to share them.

Here’s a great short story from our friends at Thunder Coffee in North Dakota.

“June 28 2017 brothers Skyler and Dexter along with Skyler’s girlfriend Nicole launched Thunder Coffee, Fargo North Dakota’s only full service mobile specialty coffee experience. Life has been crazy over the last year. Skyler and Nicole got married, and TC has served coffee all over Fargo-Moorhead including unique places like concerts, and a wide range of businesses. We even poured up nitro and espresso at a tattoo and motorcycle expo. In April we bought an existing coffee shop named Fargo Coffee.

When we launched Thunder Coffee we bootstrapped the business and started serving delicious coffee with only a kettle, a Chemex and a Baratza Encore grinder we purchased refurbished from you. We even used the Encore to grind up 5 pounds of coffee at a time for cold brew in the beginning. We now offer a mobile full-service specialty coffee experience and we couldn’t have done it without the Encore being such a workhorse. We still have the Encore in service at Fargo Coffee and highly recommend the encore to anyone looking for a burr grinder.”

Skylar Dutton, Fargo Coffee

We have found these stories from customers, resellers, industry experts, and our very own in-house talent super encouraging for our work. Now we want to start a series of blog posts where we can share them and allow other people in coffee to be motivated where ever they are in their coffee journey. Stay tuned for more Baratza stories.