October 9, 2012

Something happens with your grinder and it stops working or grinds differently to how it used to. You’re afraid you won’t be able to make another cup of coffee. You need coffee, what do you do?

First we recommend you check our Troubleshooting pages on our website, organized by grinder – it has answers and solutions there to all the most frequently asked questions, plus lots of pdf documents with step by step instructions for fixing your grinder yourself. Yes, it can be done!

If you can’t find your solution there, then please E-mail us at Support@baratza.com – we promise to get back to you within one business day. One of our brilliant support people can solve the problem quickly through e–mail, without the bother of telephone tag.

If email is not an option, give us a Call at 425 641 1245 and we will assist you as soon as possible. We are often on the phone with others customers and will need to call you back, which unfortunately can lead to a delay if we get into the phone tag loop, that’s why email is so wonderful!

When you email or call, please provide us with the following information:

  • Product Name
  • Serial Number
  • Date purchased and from whom
  • Type of beans used (light/med/dark roast)
  • Brief description of the error: enclose photos where available/appropriate
  • Preferred method of reply – email or phone. (Give number)

Our hope (of course!) is that you and your grinder have a hassle-free relationship, but we are realistic in knowing that issues do arise. We expect this info will be helpful to you and ensure that you receive timely, efficient support and service!