Have you just bought our new Virtuoso+, or upgraded from an older Baratza grinder? Out of the box, this brand-new grinder might sound different from the old Virtuoso (or any other grinder) you’ve had for years. Maybe the pitch seems higher, or the grinder is a little louder, or some other difference you can’t quite put a finger on?

It’s understandable to feel concerned, but remember this machine is new and your old grinder is, well, old.

Think about a new pair of shoes. They aren’t exactly comfortable fresh from the store – you have to wear them in a little before everything feels just right. The same is true of the internal components of a coffee grinder. Your brand-new machine has a fresh motor and brand-new gearbox components inside of it, and they’ve barely spent any time together. Basically, the parts need to break in with use. This is totally normal and expected for a brand-new piece of equipment.

Your old machine is much quieter because it’s been running for years! In fact, it probably sounded a lot like the new machine does now – back when it was fresh out of the box. Over the years, the grinder’s sound has changed gradually – so gradually that you couldn’t really notice until you had something to compare it against.

Of course, not all sounds are created equal. If your machine makes a worrisome noise like a screeching, clunking, or scraping, etc. then it’s worth a quick call to our rock star Support Team. They can give the sound a listen and know right away if something is amiss.
Otherwise, keep using your machine worry-free to grind fresh coffee on demand. After a little while, it’ll sound more like your old grinder than your new one – though you may not even notice!