In this video, follow along with Kane as he uses an Encore ESP to brew a Kalita Wave.

The Kalita Wave is a versatile flat-bottom brewer that is capable of producing notes from complex and fruity to delicate and floral. After over a decade of use in the specialty coffee industry, the Kalita Wave is favored by many for its ability to create a nuanced and balanced cup of coffee.

Kalita Wave Recipe:

  • Coffee: 20g (1:16 brew ratio)
  • Water: 320g at 205ºF
  • 7 total pouring cycles
  • Total Brew Time: 3-4 mins

Step by Step:

      1. Boil water in your kettle to 205ºF or 96ºC. You can adjust the temperature from here depending on your roast and desired outcome.
      2. Set your grinder to the medium range – 28 on the Encore ESP or as referenced in the chart above (see ‘automatic brewer’ for a similar recommendation to Kalita Wave). Purge out any old coffee, and grind 20 grams of desired beans for your brew.
      3. Insert paper filter into your Kalita Wave, place over a brewing vessel of choice, and saturate the entire setup with hot water from your kettle. Drain excess water after saturation.
      4. Add your coffee to the brewer and shake to level the coffee bed. Create a dimple/divot in the center of the grounds.
      5. Tare your scale with your brewer and vessel on top, and start your timer as you begin your first pour.
      6. Pour around 50 grams of water, and allow the coffee to expel excess carbon dioxide in the “bloom” phase for 30 seconds to 1 minute. Introduce slight agitation by gently moving the brewer back and forth.
      7. Continue pouring in concentric circles, 50 grams at a time every 30 seconds until reaching the final weight of 320 grams of water. This should equal about 7 total pours, including your bloom. Your last pour will be a quick 20 grams, and that’s ok!
      8. Total brew time should be around 3 to 4 minutes. Remember that our reccomendations are only suggestions, and you can change this recipe to suit your own preferences!
      9. Swirl your coffee to fully incorporate, breathe in those wonderful aromas, serve & enjoy!



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