In this video, brew along with one of our team members, Ryan, as he uses a Virtuoso+ to brew a V60.

This classic pourover method took the world by storm over a decade ago and continues to maintain its legacy status to this day. The designers at Hario named this method the V60 due to its 60º angle of the cone. Today, this method of cone-shaped paper filter pourover can produce delicious flavors in the cup from bright and fruity to chocolatey and nutty.

V60 Recipe:

  • Coffee: 20g (1:16 brew ratio)
  • Water: 320g at 210F
  • 3 total pouring cycles
  • Total Brew Time: ~3 mins


Step by Step:

      1. Boil water in your kettle to 210ºF or 99ºC. You can adjust the temperature between 198ºF to 210ºF depending on your roast and desired outcome.
      2. Set your grinder to the medium range. This means setting 16 on the Virtuoso+, or as referenced in the chart above.
      3. Set your Virtuoso+ to around 7.4 seconds, and grind 20 grams of coffee using a scale to measure output.
      4. Fold the paper filter along the seam, place in the V60, and saturate with hot water. (Saturating removes paper taste and helps preheat your brewer.)
      5. Add your coffee to the brewer, shake to level the coffee bed, and create a divot/dimple in the center to ensure proper degassing of carbon dioxide during the “bloom” phase.
      6. Tare your scale with your brewer and vessel on top, and start your timer as you begin your first pour.
      7. Pour 40 grams (double the coffee dose) of hot water during the “bloom” phase, and agitate the brewer slightly by gently shaking back and forth. Allow saturation for 30 seconds.
      8. Continue pouring concentric circles (starting from the center, pouring to the outer edges, and finishing in the center) for 2 more cycles.
      9. During the first cycle, pour until 200 grams, agitate slightly, and allow the “slurry” (mixture of coffee and water) to rest until 1 minute and 30 seconds.
      10. Begin your second pour cycle, stopping at 320 grams. Allow slurry to drain completely.
      11. Your final “drawdown” time should be relatively quick, finishing between 3 to 4 minutes. Note that this is only a recommendation, some coffees may behave differently under different parameters.
      12. Swirl your coffee to fully incorporate, breathe in those wonderful aromas, serve & enjoy!



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