In this video, follow along with Bethany as she uses a Sette 270Wi to brew a AeroPress. You can also find the Sette AeroPress Holder in our gear shop.

The AeroPress is almost two decades (!) old and has gained cult-like status in the specialty coffee community. From global competitions to innovative techniques, the AeroPress is a versatile and exciting brewing method that offers a little something for everyone. From fruity and complex flavors to classic chocolatey profiles, the AeroPress can do it all! Originally invented by a scientist searching for the perfect coffee at home, this method has evolved into one of the most beloved styles of brewing in the coffee community.

V60 Recipe:

  • Coffee: 18g (1:15 ratio of coffee to water)
  • Water: 270g at 200F
  • Total Brew Time: ~2 mins



      1. Boil water in your kettle to 200ºF or 93ºC. You can adjust the temperature from here depending on your roast and desired outcome.
      2. Set your grinder to the medium fine range at 19C on the Sette 270Wi or as referenced in the chart above.
      3. Install paper filter, connect the filter to the press, place over a brewing vessel, and preheat your press/filter/vessel with hot water. Discard excess water after preheating.
      4. Add your coffee to the brewer and shake to level the coffee bed.
      5. Tare your scale with your brewer and vessel on top, and start your timer as you begin your first pour.
      6. Pour in concentric circles for 30 seconds, until you reach 270 grams.
      7. Stir with a paddle or spoon 3 times, then insert your plunger at an angle until flush at the level of your brewing mixture. Pull up slightly on the plunger to create a seal and stop any drips.
      8. At 1 minute and 30 seconds, begin to slowly plunge, until you hear a slight hissing noise. It’s best to stop right at the beginning of the hissing.
      9. Total brew time should be around 2 minutes. Remember that our recommendations are only suggestions, and you can change this recipe to suit your own preferences!
      10. Swirl your coffee to fully incorporate, breathe in those wonderful aromas, serve & enjoy!



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