In this video, follow along with Bethany as she uses an Encore to brew with a Chemex.

The Chemex is a classic coffee brewer, prolific in the homes of design enthusiasts (it is featured in the MoMA, after all) and coffee geeks alike. Along with its unique combination of brewer and carafe, the large size of most Chemex brewers makes it great for entertaining guests. Its thick, conical-shaped brew papers generally result in a clean-tasting, smooth cup with high clarity of flavor.

Chemex Recipe:

  • Coffee: 50g
  • Water: 800g at 205F
  • Total Brew Time: ~5 Mins


    1. Place a filter in the Chemex, with 3 layers of paper on the side with the pour spout.
    2. Prewet the filter with hot water to reduce paper taste in the brew, and to preheat the brewer.
    3. Grind 50g of coffee medium-coarse, about the size of sea salt.
    4. Add the ground coffee to the brewer.
    5. Start the timer, and pour 100g of water at 205F on the coffee, making sure to evenly wet the grounds.
    6. Immediately give the grounds a stir to encourage even extraction.
    7. After 30 seconds, slowly pour 140g of water in a spiral pattern, starting from the center and moving outward before returning to the center, over the course of about 30 seconds. Keep the pour spout of the kettle close to the brew bed to limit agitation.
    8. After waiting about 15 seconds for some of the water to drip through, pour another 140g of water over the brew bed over the course of about 30 seconds.
    9. Repeat the previous step until 800g of water has been poured into the brewer.
    10. Total brew time should be around 5 minutes. Remember that this can vary based on coffee roast level, pouring technique, and type of filter paper.
    11. Remove the filter paper, swirl your brew, and enjoy!



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