In this video, follow along with Bethany as she uses a Virtuoso+ to brew with a French Press.

For many of us, the French Press was our first introduction to hand-brewed coffee. As pour-overs and paper filter methods took over the scene, the French Press lost some of the focus. But lovers of this method know that it yields a full-bodied, textural cup of coffee that—when carefully brewed—can still be balanced and expressive!

French Press Recipe:

  • Coffee: 32g (1:15.6 brew ratio)
  • Water: 500g at 205F
  • Total Brew Time: 5 Mins



      1. Grind 32g of coffee coarsely, about the size of breadcrumbs.
      2. Add the ground coffee to your brewer.
      3. Pour the entire 500g of 205F water into the brewer, start the timer, and give it a vigorous stir.
      4. Cover with the lid, with the plunger resting on top of the brewing coffee.
      5. At the 4-minute mark, plunge gently until the filter is just above the mass of ground coffee.
      6. Finally, pour carefully, serve, and share a cup with a friend!



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