by Pierce Jens, Manager of Customer Support & Service

YES you can!

Converting your 270W into a Wi!
The process REQUIRES the use of an Apple phone or tablet*.

When can I do it?
The display must be purchased and replaced. The part is available for purchase on our website here for shipping in the US and Canada only. For international availability, please find a retailer/importer near you.

How do I do it?
The process REQUIRES the use of an Apple phone or tablet.

After physically replacing the display of your 270W with a $30** 270Wi display, Wi firmware H10 must be installed for the grinder to be able to function at all. Installation of the software update requires downloading our Sette Updater app with an Apple smartphone or tablet that has Bluetooth. Firmware updating instructions are included in the app.

What should I avoid?
WARNING- if you update software on a 270W without installing a 270Wi display, your 270W will be inoperable until a 270Wi display is purchased and installed.

What can I expect of the conversion?
It is important to note that retrofitting a 270W with the Wi software pack doesn’t necessarily make the grinder work like a new 270Wi. We’ve made over 40 running changes to the Sette series since its introduction, each of which has a marginal impact on performance, most notably the repeatability of a dosing within a few tenths of a gram.

We find that upgrading your already functioning 270W to a Wi greatly improves the user interface, and results in weight accuracy that is at least as good as, and usually better than, the original 270W software pack. Basically, installing the Wi can only make your 270W work better!

*Android not supported **US Pricing