Our grinders are renowned for the reliable, consistent, and repeatable grind they produce, but another benefit to owning a Baratza is multipurpose functionality. Because of that, we put together some tips and tricks for multipurpose grinders.

What is multipurpose?

Rather than just an espresso grinder or just a pour-over grinder, our machines can produce ground coffee that suits a variety of brewing methods. Say you make a Chemex for two every morning before work – your trusty grinder handles that grind with ease. Come the weekend, why not enjoy an espresso or cappuccino? With a multipurpose coffee grinder, changing up your grind is a breeze.

Each of our grinders can provide multipurpose functionality, but it’s important to know some best practices for unlocking the full spectrum of grind possibilities. Here are a few tips and tricks for getting the most out of your multipurpose grinder.

Conical Burr Grinders (Maestro series, Encore, Virtuoso+ and Preciso)

These grinders all use the same adjustment system, where a rotating ring threads around the upper burr, moving it up and down to set the grind size.

This is a great way to easily adjust your grind, but it’s susceptible to damage if big changes take place while coffee is in the system. For this reason, we recommend running the machine while you adjust your grind.

Another thing to remember is that while these models can grind fine enough for most espresso machines, they don’t all have the precision allowed by micro-adjustment. Using a machine like this for espresso might require a little creative thinking. If you need a grind setting that’s just between 3 and 4, for instance, making a change to your dose can compensate.

Flat Burr Grinders (Vario, Vario-W, and Forte series)

With micro-adjustment on all these models, dialing in your espresso is a breeze. Maybe today you’re feeling like a pour-over instead? Just drop the grind size down to the appropriate setting for your brewing method. Don’t forget, however, to grind while adjusting here too – your grinder’s parts will last longer if you do!

A helpful tip for these models, though, is to purge a little coffee after your adjustment. Flat burr machines will retain some coffee between grind operations, which means that after you make a change to grind size, some coffee might still be at the previous size. To avoid the confusion and delay this causes, just run the grinder for a few seconds after you adjust the grind!

Sette Series

Sette Multipurpose

The revolutionary design of the Sette’s gearbox and rotating ring burr make for almost no retention of ground coffee between the burrs and in the system. That doesn’t mean, however, that you don’t also have to grind while adjusting to keep your parts healthy.

When it comes to multipurpose grinding on the Sette, very little work is required to adjust your grind. The Sette is an innovative grinder that is exceptional for espresso and also good for single-cup manual brew methods or Automatic brewers. The easy ability to swap between two different burrs and unlock a different brewing experiences to experiment with is a unique feature in home grinders. Find some tips and techniques here.

Changing Up the Grind – Tips and Tricks for Your Multipurpose Grinder

With any Baratza grinder, you have access to multipurpose functionality. Enjoy repeatable and consistent grinding for whatever brew method you choose!

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