June 15, 2012

We, at Baratza, are constantly being asked by consumers where can they go to see, touch, and test our grinders, prior to purchase. In an effort to help our consumers, we would like to have more information available to share. So, this week we sent a newsletter, inviting our brick & mortar retailers to tell us more about their store and their approach to selling Baratza grinders. As we get this information, we will feature it here in our blog as a reference point for our consumers.

The first coffee shop we’d like to feature is NEW WORLD COFFEE HOUSE. Mike Zhu runs this cafe in Raleigh, NC and here are the thoughts he shared with us about selling Baratza grinders!

“We began selling home espresso machines and grinders about 6 months ago and customers have responded well to our addition. As you can see from the attached pictures, we carry the higher ended machines for sale and provide an array of Pour-Over Options. We are big proponents of the importance of the grinder. We allow customers to play with the equipment before buying and even offer a take-home-and-try-it option before buying. We currently have all 4 grinders in the line up for display – Encore, Virtuoso, Preciso and Vario and I just ordered the steel burrs for the Vario as a pour-over grinder. Everyone that’s purchased a Baratza Grinder from us has been very pleased with their results! We’re just a small shop and not a big retailer/big show room but we really take the time to explain the details to the customers, allow them to try the grinders out and they also see us using the grinders at the shop on a daily basis.

Usually when a new customer comes in and buys bulk beans, or especially when they ask for us to grind it for them, we always talk about the benefits to grinding fresh at home before brewing.

Our website is www.newworldcoffeehouse.com but it is currently being revamped. I’m a proponent of the Vario for home espresso set-ups and believe it’s the best choice under $1,000. One thing that’s helped us sell grinders has been emailing the article from Mark Prince of CoffeeGeek when he did his Baratza line-up review.” (see link here CoffeeGeek Baratza White Paper )

If you’re in the area, we encourage you to go check out New World Coffee House for a yummy cup of coffee, see our grinders, and buy some whole beans to brew at home for yourself. Mike asks that customers contact him first to set up an appointment for a grinder demo. Below are the contact details.

Contact Details:

Mike Zhu
New World Coffee House
4112 Pleasant Valley Rd. Suite 124
Raleigh, NC 27612
Tel: 919-434-3993
Website: New WorldCoffee House