July 12, 2012

Today we are featuring our 2nd Coffee Shop where consumers can go to see, touch, and test our Baratza grinders before purchasing, and this is Mudhouse Coffee in Charlotteville, VA,a local coffeehouse that started in 1993, has grown to four retail locations, and will begin roasting coffee themselves this fall!

Dan Pabst is the Director of Operations for Mudhouse and he shared this story with us. It’s so fun to read how people grow their businesses and find unique ways to share their enthusiasm for specialty coffee!

“So…I work for Mudhouse Coffee in Charlottesville, VA. I’ve been a huge fan of Baratza grinders ever since I met Kyra at SCAA 2008 in Minneapolis. Since then, we’ve carried a limited line of Baratza grinders and sold them at our retail locations.

Besides selling them, we’ve also started using them as part of our marketing on a project called, “The Coffee Stand”. I live across the street from the local farmers market, so every saturday we set up a pop-up table (called “The Coffee Stand”) and brew hand-pour coffee for people. But it’s a little bit more unique than that…For $5, customers receive a hand-poured coffee brewed into a ceramic mug we designed just for the farmers market. Once they’ve finished their coffee, they have two options:

-Keep the Mug and we keep the $5
-Return the Mug and we give you back the $5

So, it’s kind of like a mug rental, but most people decide to keep the mug and bring it back next week (to get filled up at no charge). In this way, we have a limited environmental impact (no paper cups & we compost the coffee grounds). It’s free coffee, so long as you are willing to spend the time with us while we brew your cup and talk about the coffee we have.

And all this is made possible using a Baratza Virtuoso/Esatto setup. Without the portion control and reliability, we would not be able to maintain our standards for quality and consistency that our customers expect at our retail stores (We’ve won “Best Coffee” in Charlottesville for 16 years now).

The Coffee Stand has been such a success that we now set up at all sorts of different events (most recently a ground-breaking ceremony for a local library!). There’s no question, without the portion control Baratza grinders, we would not be able to expand the Coffee Stand the way we have! I can’t say enough good things about the portion control grinders from Baratza…they’ve been reliable, consistent and super-easy to program!

We also teach classes in the fall for the public, notably “Home Brewing Fundamentals” – in which we focus on the essential variables of home brewing. The Baratza grinders are my grinder of choice for these classes, in which we have customers sample coffee with different roast dates, different brewing water temperatures, and….different grinders!

I brew samples ground using a blade grinder, Baratza, and our commercial Ditting KR1203…then have customers compare tastes. The difference between the blade and Baratza is night and day, it’s much harder to tell the difference between the Baratza and Ditting.”

We encourage you to visit Mudhouse Coffee, at their coffee shops or the fun Coffee Stand, see our grinders in action, attend a class or just enjoy a great cup of coffee!

Contact Info:

Dan Pabst
Director of Operations
Mudhouse Coffee
213 W. Main St.
Charlottesville, VA, 22902
Tel: (434) 984-6833
Website: Mudhouse Coffee