Rowster is a combined roastery and coffee bar in Grand Rapids, MI. Stephen Curtis gave us the low down on their experience with Baratza, both as a user of our grinders on bar and as a reseller to their customers!

Stephen says, “We have been selling Baratza grinders since opening our micro-roastery in the back of an art gallery with no real retail presence. When we opened up our retail coffee bar on Wealthy Street in July of 2010, we decided right away to use Virtuoso’s for all our slow drip coffees, which is the only way we offer drip coffee. We wanted our customers to be able to directly relate their experience of delicious coffee at our shop to being able to also make delicious coffees in their own home. We have been using exclusively Baratza grinders on bar since we opened while our Mahlkonig sits on our back bar relegated to merely grinding bulk coffee. We now have added the Esatto bases which have really helped us streamline this process!

Consumers are definitely welcome to try grinders out – we use the Virtuoso’s on bar so when people are interested we have them right there to show them how they work, and how they can use them. We had one customer bring in their home espresso machine so we could help him dial in his Preciso that he was looking to purchase! Another customer I remember specifically saying that he couldn’t believe how much consistently better his coffee at home tasted after purchasing a Maestro to grind our whole bean.

We do host classes for consumers and are putting together a whole package of classes right now and calling the courses “Rowster U”. This should be rolling out in 6 weeks.

As for Rowster we have no menu, which allows us to focus on each customer as an individual, and customize their experience. We have clientele who stop in from all over the country, who tell us the experience we offer is quite unlike most other places they have been, including many well known names in the industry.

We believe that we roast some amazing coffee, and we try to share that with our customers in a down-to-earth, straight forward manner. Baratza plays into this well as we want people to know that with a little care, our coffee can shine for them at home like it does for us in the shop.” Thanks Stephen!

We encourage you to check out Rowster if you are in Grand Rapids. The photos here, and the videos on their website, make it look like a very fun place to go to get great coffee, learn about coffee from folks who are passionate about it and then you can purchase their beans and equipment to make your own delicious coffees at home!!

Contact information:

Stephen Curtis
Rowster Coffee
632 Wealthy Street SE
Grand Rapids, MI 49503
Phone: 616-780-7777
Website: Rowster Coffee