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What is the ACAIA App about?

What is the ACAIA App about?

This grinder was designed using the weighing technology of Acaia, giving precise and accurate weight based dosing, with the revolutionary ability to grind by weight directly into a portafilter, a first for the home espresso enthusiast! In addition, the 270W will be available in the future with Bluetooth capabilities designed by Acaia (not Baratza) to monitor, log and track grind sessions, weights and settings. A tool specifically made for the Sette for use by home enthusiasts, coffee shop and the barista.

The weighing technology and the Bluetooth capabilities are related. Here are some of the features that Acaia have shared with us as they are currently working on:

  • The grinder sends information into the Acaia app called BrewBar, which is currently ONLY available for APPLE tablets. This information includes lifetime weight of coffee that passed through the grinder (like car mileage), your current grind cycle weight.
  • From the app, you can control settings within the grinder: a preset value adjustment and starting/stopping the grinder
  • Our integration module is called Acaia links. It connects with the grinder and our weighing technology that turns into a smart connected appliance. The product then can communicate with our app like a two-way street, where the grinder can send specific information over. The app takes the info into account and can control parts of the product you allow us to control.
  • Plus……
  • With the data from the BrewBar app, we’ll be able to estimate maintenance time for the grinder for certain parts and send a reminder to the user.

Please check the Acaia FAQ page here for more information about the app and please direct all App or operating system questions to Acaia directly. Baratza does not have ownership or responsibility for the BrewBar App.