February 27, 2014

Baratza is always striving to improve, from the time we manufactured our first grinder, to right now. The stripped drive gear issue is generally caused by a rock fragment or unroasted bean getting caught between the burrs, causing the motor shaft to chew a few teeth off of the drive gear. The GB2.0, introduced into our new grinders in 2012, prevents this mechanical issue from occurring. With the GB2.0, if a hard object is to get between the burrs, the thermal overload fuse will cut power to the motor until the jam is cleared.

GB2.0 installation requires full disassembly of the gearbox, so we decided to make a thorough video to encourage users to do the repair process at home.

By design, Baratza has created a grinder that can be easily serviced either by our customer or our technicians via the Grinder Repair Program.  We strive to make all parts available for our machines, along with installation instructions.  This allows our users to keep even our earliest model grinders in operation rather than discarding and replacing them, reaffirming our long standing goal of keeping grinders on counter tops, and out of landfills.

If you run into any specific questions/concerns during your repair process, drop me a line at support@baratza.com, I am happy to help troubleshoot!

Watch the video HERE


Pierce Jens