We want to take a moment to give thanks to some of our shining lights who work tirelessly to help coffee farming women, youth, and communities.
While there are many organizations associated with the broader Specialty Coffee industry doing important work, over the years we have developed relationships specifically with Food 4 Farmers, Grounds for Health, Café Femenino, and Equal Origins.
We continue to be inspired by their dedication, courage, and compassion to improve the lives of others in so many areas – self-sustaining farming practices, gender equity, food safety, women’s health, to name a few.  Their work is helping others step forward, to empower themselves and to grow and learn about how to improve their current situations. By supporting these organizations, we are trying to do our little bit to create better futures for the people of the coffee growing regions who work to produce the coffees we get to enjoy every day and support their own communities.
We encourage you to check out their websites for details of their important work and to also lend your support to them. Here in their own words, are an extract of their missions.


Food 4 Farmers https://food4farmers.org/
Food 4 Farmers works with coffee farmers to disrupt the global food system. We partner with families and farmers’ organizations to create thriving food hubs, diversify income, and implement sustainable farming practices that promote biodiversity and ecosystem resiliency throughout Latin America.

GroundsforHealthxBaratzaGrounds for Health https://groundsforhealth.org/
Grounds for Health is a mission-driven, international non-profit organization, born out of and with enduring ties to the coffee industry, and focused on increasing timely and high quality cervical cancer prevention services.



Café Femenino https://www.cafefemenino.com/
The Café Femenino coffee program is one-of-a-kind ethical sourcing model committed to ending the cycle of poverty afflicting women coffee farmers across the world. Café Femenino provides direct compensation to women farmers, along with the opportunity and resources to enact positive change in their communities and on their own terms.

Equal Origins https://www.genderincoffee.org/equalorigins
Building an industry-wide movement for greater gender – and generational – equity in coffee farming communities around the world.  This initiative Equal Origins works to ensure that everyone, at every level of the supply chain, matters equally.