by Alex Choppin, Baratza Support and Coffee Specialist

No grinder owner wants to imagine it – the single worst day of your life: your grinder is broken and you can’t make coffee.

Don’t panic! There’s a light at the end of the tunnel. Our grinders are not made to simply break down and be replaced; Don’t dump it – fix it! You can probably repair this grinder yourself, or at least send it to us for a fix.

Baratza Support offers thorough troubleshooting and repair documentation, as well as a friendly and knowledgeable team of professionals who can help you diagnose a problem. All of our parts are available at low cost on our website, and our machines require mostly common tools to work on! Even a complete novice can replace the vast majority of our parts. Of course, not everyone is technically minded, some people are just too busy, and yet more folks with broken grinders are barely getting by without their coffee! So, if home repair isn’t an option for you, the Grinder Repair Program is your best bet.

Once your grinder is on our bench, our technicians will give it a full inspection for any damaged, worn, or out-dated parts. With the exception of a few cosmetic and non-essential upgrades, whatever they find gets replaced.

Our burrs are rated for years and years of service, so unless a new burrset is purchased as part of the repair, those will stay put. Once the obvious problems are resolved, the machine is tested for proper calibration of the burrs and scale (when applicable). After cleaning and re-packaging, your grinder is sent out the door and back to you.

The Grinder Repair Program is flat-rate; so regardless of how many parts or how many labor hours are spent repairing your machine, you pay the same flat rate. We ask that our customers cover shipping the grinder to us, then we cover shipping the unit back!

Once back to you, your repair is covered under warranty for six months. In the unlikely event that tragedy strikes twice, just give us a call and we’ll get this machine back up and running again, free of charge!

Our goal is to make sure no Baratza grinder winds up in a landfill. Home repair, excellent support, and a comprehensive repair program help us make that happen, but the biggest factor in keeping our grinders alive is you: the end user. Remember that you never have to give up on your grinder!