The holidays are the most important retail shopping time of the year and we-as you may have also heard from many other manufacturers-are severely hindered by supply chain and shipping issues, primarily shipping issues. Thank you for your understanding of our situation; many of you have reached out to ask us where you can buy grinders for gifts or to upgrade your own brewing setups, so we thought it’d be a good idea to share a quick update to keep everyone in the loop!

While production at the factory has been keeping up, we simply can’t get units shipped in fast enough! We have at least 12 containers on the water and, sadly, none have been released into port. In an effort to support our specialty coffee resellers, we ship every grinder we can directly to roasters and cafés as soon as a container is released to us so that they can best support their customers. We are diligently checking the status daily but, the dates keep getting pushed back. For example, some containers originally scheduled for November 23 are now showing a port arrival for Jan 9 – Yikes.

If you want to learn more, we encourage you to watch this 60 Minutes video that tells the story of the complexities and inefficiencies that are at Los Angeles/Long Beach (this is the port our grinders pass through). It gives some really great information about how we got into this slippery shipping situation.

The net result is that ALL grinders are delayed, including the new Vario+ series.  We know many of you are excited about these new grinders, and we’re bummed we can’t get them in for you yet. Similarly, we’re also extremely low on spare parts, so we’ve absorbed the added cost of air freight to fly in new stock. That way, we can keep servicing grinders and offering Baratza owners the parts they need.

Thank you for your patience and understanding. It’s our mission to ensure that the people we work with feel cared for, and during this challenging time, we felt it’s important to acknowledge that many of you have in turn made us feel cared for even amidst the stress of the current shipping situation.