⚠️ Information on this page does not apply to the US, Canada, France, Benelux, Germany, Switzerland, Spain, Portugal, Italy, and Austria. For support information for these countries, click here.

International Support & Warranty Information

Warranty, support, and service are provided by the international retailer you purchased from, with the exception of select EU countries as noted above. If you purchase a grinder from a retailer outside of the country you live in, you may be responsible for any shipping costs to service the grinder, and you may need to pay for service. Whenever possible, we recommend purchasing your grinder from a retailer in your own country. 

Please note: Grinders that are purchased in the US or Canada and shipped or taken out of the country have a one-year warranty for parts only. If your grinder fails within one year of date of purchase, simply email us at support@baratza.com or call +1 425-641-1245. Please have the following information prior to contacting Baratza: 1) Proof of date of purchase. 2) Model and serial number (located on the bottom of the grinder). Baratza will contact you to determine the problem and see if it can be fixed quickly and easily. The customer is responsible for paying the freight charges and any duties for replacement parts that Baratza may send. The customer is also responsible to provide any labor required to repair their grinder.  


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(Baratza does not ship parts internationally from the US.)


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