Encore ESP - Optimized for Espresso

Here’s your first look at the Baratza Encore ESP, a classic re-engineered for espresso from the inside out. Today marks the first day of the SCA Coffee Expo and we’ve brought along our early pre-production models to showcase this grinder’s patent-pending adjustment system.

This grinder comes as more and more coffee lovers are choosing to make espresso at home. Improved technology is making quality consumer espresso machines more affordable, but it’s felt like the prices for high-quality coffee grinders are moving in the opposite direction. That’s why we took our most-trusted entry-level grinder, the Encore, and turned it into an espresso-ready workhorse. By building on a dependable platform, we knew we could develop a world-class grinder that’s easy to use without breaking the bank!

An Espresso-Optimized Workhorse

The Encore ESP includes our high-carbon steel M2 burr, a durable metal adjustment system, and a high-resolution stepped grinding range. From settings #1-20, each click is a very fine step of adjustment, allowing users to fine-tune espresso with ease. The level of precision espresso requires is why each unit will be calibrated with extreme precision before leaving the factory. Just like its sibling, the Encore ESP is built to last, and just like every other grinder, we’ll have parts, guides, and tips available online to make sure your daily espresso can be made for decades.

The Perfect Pal for Your Portafilter

Inside the box, you’ll find our standard full-sized grounds bin and our new 54mm antistatic dosing cups (with a 58mm adapter for commercial-sized baskets). With a simple flip and shake, grinds are distributed evenly in the portafilter and are ready to tamp!

Coming soon. Check out the product page for full specs: Encore ESP.

Encore ESP Key Features:

  • Dual-range adjustment system featuring:
    • Precision micro-steps from #1-20 optimized for espresso
    • Macro steps from #21-40 optimized for filter
  • Durable metal adjustment mechanism
  • Included dosing cup and adapter for even portafilter distribution
  • M2 burr for quick throughput and optimal grind consistency
  • Cone burr quick release for easy cleanup and maintenance
  • Small footprint & low-profile design fits under most kitchen cabinets
  • Simple operation with on/off switch or manual pulse button operation
  • Powerful DC motor with 10+-year expected lifespan
  • Purposefully designed to be repairable and minimize impact on the landfill
  • Simplified packaging for improved recyclability
  • US MAP Pricing: $199


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