We grind you brew is more than our tagline, it’s a snapshot of the process to enrich life’s moments with coffee. In between, there are handy little tools that can make this process smooth and the final product tastier. Here’s a list of small gadgets for your coffee corner and why they are nice to have around.

Before you start to question why I didn’t include an obvious tool like a scale – which is important – here’s the straight-up answer.  First, many of our grinders use a grind by weight feature that allows them to weigh your dose automatically and record it for future use. Also, an external scale is important when brewing and that’s why I would consider that a bigger part of the process and you should definitely check some out. This would fall in the equipment category, like our grinders and your favorite brewing method.

With that out of the way, I’ve separated these gadgets into two groups: Prepping and Cleaning.


Preparing your brew area and your equipment will set you up for success. Here are some recommendations to do that.

  • Keep a bench scraper close to get rid of any debris or uneven surface that can cause your scale to not read properly. Precision scales are sensitive so scraping your work area before you start brewing should assist with that. It’s also fabulous to chop veggies or your fresh baking dough 😉
  • Allen wrenches are tight, pun intended… These little guys will help you tighten bolts for your equipment to function properly or loosen them if you’re calibrating.
  • The name Prep bowl says it all, if your pre-weighing your doses or somehow manage to lose your anti-static grounds bin this one will save your life.
  • On the other hand, if you overdose a little because you left your grinder on too long, a demitasse spoon can help remove the out the extra.
  • A laundry clip is nice when you get a bag of beans without a tin-tie. Last thing you want is to accidentally bump your bag of beans and waste them.
  • If you’re dialing in like a pro, you will need a cupping spoon. To dial in perfectly, you need to calibrate your palate to the absolute taste of your beans. Cupping it first is the legit way to go.
  • And if you’re an espresso type of person, a shot glass is a great way to taste while dialing in. You can measure your volume too if you get one of the fancy marked ones.



Cleaning your equipment will ensure an easy setup next time and will significantly help flavor consistency.  Some cleaning procedures are not required as often but try to stay on top of it.

  • Use a regular paint brush to dust off your coffee corner or sweep up rogue grounds. I like a 3-inch-wide just cause 2 inch is too small and 4 is overkill. But that’s me.
  • We include a brush with all our grinders because its crucial for their maintenance. Keeping coffee oils off your burrs and other parts will extend their life and prevent clogging.
  • At first you wouldn’t think this is necessary, but after spilling numerous amounts of coffee on your counter, a tea towel is definitely a must. Plus, you can also wipe the tray on your espresso machine or your scale. #Shoutout to Acaia for this cutie.
  • Last but not least, an espresso machine brush. Great for cleaning your group head and the strong bristles will also help get the hard gunk stuck in your grinder or coffee marks at the bottom of your Chemex. This one also has a tiny scoop handy to measure cleaning powder.


Honorary mentions

Other gadgets worth mentioning. A stubby flat head screwdriver, a scale calibration weigh, and a bamboo stirring stick.

Remember to check out all the features of your equipment because they may spare you from having to get some of these. Our grinders are intentionally designed to take the whole grind of your coffee brewing process. With features like grind by time or grind by weight, anti-static bins and shut-off hoppers, and micro and macro adjustments to name a few.