Espresso Grinder? Brew Grinder? Multipurpose grinder?  Over the last couple of years since the release of the Sette Series, we’ve seen it play many different roles successfully.  Some people prefer it for espresso and love the user-friendly micro/macro adjust plus the ability to grind by weight directly into a portafilter on the Sette 270Wi.  Some customers have bought it exclusively to power their brew bars. And, like all our grinders, there are people who are using it for both espresso and brewing – multipurpose!

It’s been very exciting to see more and more customers around the world embrace its multipurpose functionality.  We are happy to confirm the Sette produces an exceptional espresso grind and also grinds for other single-cup brewing methods (e.g. AeroPress, Hario V60, Automatic Brewer). So, if your coffee ritual is focused on espresso and you want to enjoy a casual cup of brewed coffee, any of the Settes will perform well.  If your focus is more on methods such as French press or cold brew we’d suggest other grinders in our line-up like the Virtuoso+.