Big News – Effective 8/14/14, The Vario now comes standard with the Metal PortaHolder!

When we launched the Forté-AP with the Metal PortaHolder we got a lot of interest and requests to change out the Vario plastic PortaHolder with the heavy-duty metal PortaHolder. The Vario body needed some minor changes for a perfect fit of the metal PortaHolder. We’re excited to say that all the modifications have been made and going forward all Vario Grinders will be shipped with a Metal PortaHolder. The Model number has changed from 885 to 886 and the MAP price has increased from $449 to $479.

Vario 886 upgrade kit
We have also developed an upgrade kit (PN 6405), to allow current owners to upgrade the 885. Below is a picture of the parts you need for a total conversion. Retail price for the kit is $55. We’ve developed a video of how to perform this upgrade.

If a Vario owner does not want to purchase the upgrade kit, they can just buy the PortaHolder. Please be aware, it is a very tight fit and will scratch up the belt casing (metal plate that the PortaHolder sits on.)