The Forté AP (All Purpose) and BG (Brew Grinder) new commerical grinders have been shipping out to our customers across North Amercia.   Inventory has been limited, but we’re filling your backorders as fast we can!  In the meantime, we thought you might like to hear some feedback about the Fortés, from a few roasters, in their own words ……….

Alex Powar, Education, Four Barrel Coffee Roasters
(Baratza loaned three Forté-BG grinders to Four Barrel to use for the Renegade Fair in San Francisco)
Overall we were really impressed with how they performed over the course of two very busy days! We estimate that we did a little more than 700 pour overs each day. Since we had the three grinders, I’d be inclined to estimate that one grinder did about 300-350 cups over a 6-7hr period, while the others did between 150-175. At 24.5g per cup, that’s about 40lb of coffee per day.

Liam Kenna, Annex Manager, Stumptown
– The Forte is a well built grinder that does what it claims, grinds precisely by weight or time on demand. The interface is simple and intuitive and the grind quality is excellent. This grinder would be perfect to pair with smaller batch brewers or in situations where a brew-bar is featuring a single coffee option at a time or has budget/counter-space for multiple Fortés.
– Solid construction – seems to be built to last with metal body and upgraded motor. While our time with the grinder did not provide opportunity for a true “trial-by-fire” in a cafe setting, We attempted to simulate such a situation by recommending primarily a single coffee at a time in our tasting room and by grinding large quantities of coffee in our training lab.
– Quiet operation – the body seems to do a great job of limiting operational noise.
– Close-able Hopper – I am excited to see this feature is backwards compatible with the entire Baratza line. In a grinder that operates on the premise that your hopper is full, it is important to have a way to conveniently change out your coffee.
– Accurate dosing – when using the weight based function of the grinder, we consistently saw doses within 0.2g of the programmed dose. This is more accurate than any automated dosing I have seen.
– Intuitive controls – everything a user could need to adjust is easily accessible from the large lit touchscreen. I did not need a manual to get the gist of how to operate the grinder.

Intelligentsia “Mini Bar” Coffee Truck at HighLine Hotel in NY – Forté-BG doing the grinding for the brew bar.

Allen Yelent, Wholesale Director, Ritual Coffee Roasters

– Removable hopper is great. Now we can transfer from coffee to coffee without making a mess or using it all
– The new hopper has the handle that scoops closed. Does a better job closing and keeping beans intact than any hopper I’ve used
– Digital interface is logically planned out and easy to use
– Scale is dependable (post calibration)
– hasn’t been beat up, but the metal makes it seem very durable. We’ve used lots of grinders to work our outdoor events and this feels tough enough to handle the elements. That paired with its size is a win win
– again durability. Some home users have had the adjustment levers pop off of vario models. Seems very unlikely for that to happen on the Forte
– Good speed when grinding (even when grinding fine)
– New motor is working strong
– Looks good
– Have and will continue to not only use it, but recommend it to others.

Sean Henry, Founder, Houndstooth Coffee
The Forte is a solid, intuitive machine that holds up against the rigors of a cafe brew bar and the discerning palate of a home barista.

Chris Baca, Marketing & Education, Verve Coffee Roasters
Everybody loves the Forte! I deployed it to the Events Team and Wholesale department for the past month and they love it. The coffee tastes delicious but I think the key here is the touch screen; it’s easy to program and pretty intuitive which we think is huge in the user experience department. Although we didn’t throw it off any roofs it seems to be built well and is holding up to high volume use fairly well.

Jeff Taylor, President & Co-Founder, PTs Coffee Roasting Co.
 The Forte is outstanding on our bar! Solid construction, holds grind particle size consistently with a consistent dose that’s fast and quiet. We’re thrilled with it so far. Can’t wait to get the rest of them in place.