It happened, in case you didn’t hear... Our certifications have been received and we are in full Sette production mode at our manufacturing facility in Taiwan. By next week, we'll have shipped out 2,200 Sette 270 and 270W grinders in the US and Canada! It's been wild at our operations HQ doing the shipping, with all hands on deck! We so appreciate customers' delight in this new product and their patience as we respond to questions and requests as efficiently as we can. The overall feedback is that people love it! Some people are giving it almost too good a workout and so we've posted a blog on Duty Cycle to clarify what the Sette is built for.

Sette Shipping Information – US & International
We have more containers coming in to the US with Settes and plan that we will be caught up on pre-orders by the end of December. If you are looking for one to purchase, check out our resellers closest to you using our website map.

For our international customers, we are currently building your grinders and you should be able to purchase them from our International Importers and Retailers in January 2017. Check our list here for the one closest to you.

Sette Series Support
We have produced a variety of documentation on the Sette that will help you get started.
Documentation - Quick Start Guide (included with each grinder), Manual and Product Sheet - you may download any that you need. Currently the quick start guide is multilingual and we will soon have the manuals available in 8 different languages.
FAQs - A page of frequently asked questions, with answers, that we are continuously updating
Videos - unboxing, operation of the digital display, hook adjustment, shimming & cone burr removal