Part I
The secret is out that we are up to something new! You’ll know from our history that we’ve always been pushing the envelope of providing high quality, high precision coffee grinders for the home and café. With each new grinder we’ve upped the game in delivering consistent, uniformly ground coffee, knowing that the grind is the critical first step on the path to great tasting coffee!

Now, Baratza is proud to introduce our next generation of grinders — the Sette Series — TOTALLY revolutionary for us and for the home coffee enthusiast! We have a completely new shape to this grinder, while retaining our iconic hopper profile. We can tell you that the Sette has been years in the works and the revolutionary changes are far more than skin deep… watch this space over the next couple of weeks to learn more about the Sette’s revolutionary grinding capabilities, as we get closer to launch at SCAA in Atlanta!

Part II – That Grinding Mechanism – 3/16/16