The journey to great coffee at home starts with a good grinder. We offer several models, and examine how to choose the right one for you in a previous post.

The Sette series offers the best grind quality and user experience for espresso available in our lineup, however each of the three Sette models brings a unique set of features that elevates the experience beyond just great ground coffee.

Before we explore those differences in depth, let’s first look at the similarities between these machines.

Every Sette has the same motor, gearbox, and burrset. These are new, radically different from from our previous grinders and designed in partnership with our burr manufacturer, Etzinger in Liechtenstein. They allow coffee to pass straight from the hopper, through the burrs, and into a receptacle. The minimal retention of coffee between the burrs on the Sette minimizes the need for purging coffee through the system after making an adjustment. Just purge for a fraction of a second when adjusting the grind on the Sette – saving time and coffee compared to other grinders.

All three Settes will produce ground coffee at a rate between two and five grams per second, the fastest of any of our machines.

The convertible device holder on the Sette Series allows for hands-free grinding into your desired receptacle – whether it’s the included grounds bin, a portafilter, or your favorite single-cup pour-over device. Most portafilters are compatible with the convertible device holder, but for those few which are either too small or too large, we have separate and easy-to-install accessories to adapt the Sette to your needs.

Finally, each Sette includes a shut-off hopper, which makes cleaning the burrs or changing coffees easier than ever.


Sette 30

Our entry-level espresso grinder, Sette 30, provides an excellent grind quality for espresso at a budget-friendly price. With 30 discreet macro adjustment steps, this grinder can produce ground coffee suitable for espresso at the fine end and single-cup pour-over brewing at the coarse end. Careful dose control is available by use of the digital timer, which can be dialed to a tenth of a second.

Without a micro-adjustment system, dialing in on the Sette 30 isn’t as precise as on the other models in the Sette series, but clever users can balance grind adjustment and dose changes to get that great shot of espresso. We discuss this in more depth here.

The device holder on the Sette 30 is convertible from being able to hold the supplied grounds bin or a pourover device, to holding a portafilter, however it is not as smooth a conversion on the Sette 30 and doesn’t facilitate speedy changes.

As an entry-level machine, this grinder is an excellent choice for users looking to balance their desire for useful features and budget-friendly options and is a great step forward for new coffee enthusiasts.


Sette 270

A substantial step up in precision grinding for home espresso, the Sette 270 provides the resolution of grind adjustments that professional baristas expect when dialing in. A stepless micro-adjustment system just below the main grind adjustment allows for fine-tuning particle size on this machine.

Although there are 270 discreet adjustment settings, the stepless nature of the micro ring allows for a far greater number of actual grind settings than on any other Baratza grinder. If your shot is a little long/short or a little bitter/sour, this fine-tuning adjustability makes it a breeze to find just the right balance of extraction.

The Sette 270 also features programmable time presets, each of which can be set to a tenth of a second. This makes it easy to change between three different doses for a variety of grinding needs. You can, for example, use one preset for a regular espresso dose, another for decaf, and the third for Aeropress – you decide!

The convertible device holder on the Sette 270 has arms easily adjust to accommodate a switch from grinding into a portafilter to the bin. With the simple swivel of the right arm, the left arm will automatically move into position as the right arm is moved into either the wide (bin) or narrower (portafilter) position.

This grinder is a great pick for the espresso enthusiast who wants precision, form, and function – all in one package.


Sette 270Wi

Getting serious about extraction is all about the details. Precision, repeatability, and analysis give us a better understanding of the coffee we make. The serious coffee enthusiast controls as many variables as possible in order to find the best possible extraction.

The ability to dose precisely by weight, directly into the portafilter, is a giant leap forward in bringing the highest quality coffee and ease of use to the home user. The Sette 270Wi, using Acaia technology, learns from it own experience. By comparing the actual output versus requested dose, the grinder can modify its own offset(+/- weight adjustment) in order to more accurately grind by weight.

Bluetooth functionality enables the customer to update to the latest firmware with their smartphone over the air, so that functionality and user-experience changes can be made without the need for grinder disassembly.

The precision of the 270Wi‘s dosing system is matched by the precision of its grind adjustment system. The same stepless micro-adjustment from the Sette 270 provides incredible control of particle size.

The 270Wi also features the convertible device holder, but it’s powered by Acaia weighing technology. This makes it easy to grind by weight into any number of brewers, portafilters, and receptacles. Thanks to those separate accessories mentioned above, almost any portafilter can fit onto the 270Wi and remain grind-by-weight compatible.

This grinder is the ultimate tool for excellence in espresso – from preparation to extraction.

The journey into the world of delicious coffee starts with the right grinder. Any Sette will deliver great espresso for the home, but each provides different features for different needs.