When we designed the Sette Series, we conceived a totally new, built-in, convertible holder that allows you to grind directly into your portafilter (PF), the supplied grounds bin, or most of the popular brewing devices (Hario, Clever, Able Kone, Aeropress). The feedback about this convertible holder has been extremely positive and it is unique amongst all other home grinders.

Sette PF holder When using the arms of the convertible holder with a PF, some people have found it doesn’t work well for their sized PF’s or for those using a naked portafilter, so we have made a significant change to the functionality of the arms. To begin with, we’ve moved away from the ‘hook’ that sat into the PF, for PF stability on the arms, and have designed a sculpted flange that sits snug on top of the PF, orienting the PF while providing increased stability of the PF during grinding. This makes removal of the PF easier and cleaner, without loss of grounds. In addition, we have have redesigned the arms, using a sleeve versus the current cylindrical vinyl dipped coating. When the arms are turned in the PF position, there is a thicker part of the right and left hand arms that holds most sizes of PF with an inside basket diameter of 49mm to 58mm. When the arms are rotated to the grounds bin location the oblong shape (thicker side) is pointing downward and not interfering with the placement of the bin and is similar to the current configuration.

These are images of the new stabilizing flange and arms. We expect that these changes will be on the Sette grinders that are built in September and shipped to our US resellers in October.