We’ve been getting a lot of questions about what these are and if they’re needed.

If you bought a Sette 270W or Sette 270, the card that comes along with these pieces directs you to the documentation page, which allows you to view and/or download any of the product sheets, quick start guides or manuals for any of our models both past and present. So admittedly, it isn’t exactly clear what you should do next. If you download the Sette 270 or 270W quick start guide, it will tell you on the second page that the included tools (in the picture above) are as follows:

5mm hex key used for removing the cone burr from the holder.
Shims used for recalibrating the machine to a finer range.
2mm hex key used for adjusting the portafilter hook.

The manuals have a much more detailed explanation of what to do with the washers/shims. Both manuals have detailed instructions with illustrations on how to remove the cone burr and install a washer/shim.

What this means:

Some people have found that their preferred particle size for espresso is all the way at the finest setting of the macro and micro adjustment rings, and they have no room to fine tune if they need. Baratza developed this quick fix so that by installing a shim, you can calibrate your Sette a bit finer. Technically, when you install one (at a time) shim, the particle size you see at setting 1 will now be the same roughly around setting 6. This will give you a bit more adjustment room for the finer settings.

The burr set for the Settes will also settle a little bit toward coarse generally after the first or second kilo (2—4 pounds) of coffee ground, so if you’re grinding at the finer settings, you will need to install one of the shims at that point. Even if you’re not though, through gradual use of the grinder, you will need to install a shim, so don’t lose them!

Note from the expert: “Installation of just one shim is recommended, as installing two shims at once can shift the grind range to be so fine that it causes undue stress.” -Pierce Jens

Handy links:

Sette 270 Quick Start Guide
Sette 270 Manual
Sette 270W Quick Start Guide
Sette 270W Manual
Baratza’s Video on how to install a shim

Quick note regarding the video: Because Baratza produced the above linked video before finalizing the design of the shims, they look more like small washers. But what you have in the box will work the same way.

Regarding the portafilter hook:

The 2mm hex key included in the tool kit is not needed for installing the shims, but if you find that your portafilter doesn’t fit between the portafilter hook and the convertible device arms, or if it falls out because the basket is too short, you can use the key to loosen the hook and move it higher or lower to fit your needs.

This post was written by Conrad Altmann of Wanderlust Coffee Co., the Baratza distributor for Romania and originally appeared on their website.