Kyra Kennedy
Co-founder, CEO & Culture Champion

SF Bay Area

As CEO, Kyra is responsible for building the Baratza brand and overseeing sales and operations. She has created a distribution network in North America plus developed an extensive network of world-wide importers. Kyra drives the marketing and distribution of the grinders through focus on the niche market of small independent roasters and coffee shops. Specialty Coffee is a relatively small market, but one that fits with Baratza’s goal to be a small business that designs, manufactures, and distributes precision grinders to a specialized consumer. Kyra is passionate about listening, identifying problems and opportunities, and developing creative solutions to support our customers. Kyra is deeply committed to the team of people that make up Baratza, seeking to create an environment where each person’s skills and talents can be maximized and each person’s voice be heard.  She recognizes that we are stronger and more successful through collaboration and the collective wisdom and experience of working across functions. Solid, quality products backed by compassionate, quality service–this is the winning combination you can expect from Baratza and Kyra Kennedy.

Kyle Anderson
Co-founder, President & Product Visionary

Bellevue WA

Kyle’s role at Baratza spans all things product related – design, manufacturing and quality. He is a mechanical genius who loves to improve products and solve problems through innovative design. A standout contribution was his breakthrough approach to weight-based grinding functionality – a first for the coffee grinder industry. His ability to embrace and harness the technologies of partner companies led to the innovative design of the Sette Series. For the Sette 270W he collaborated with Etzinger on their revolutionary grinding technology and with Acaia for their precision weighing technology. Critical to our operations is his management of strategic supply side relationships to ensure quality in all aspects of our manufacturing and output.


Joyce Klassen
Marketing Manager

SF Bay Area

Joyce’s focus is to grow Baratza’s reputation for providing quality, innovative grinders that help customers make great tasting coffee and are user friendly, reliable, and provide great value. The marketing activities at Baratza are focused on building brand awareness and supporting our domestic resellers and international importers – the community who in turn builds us. Her role is to listen to the coffee community to better understand how they’re using and experiencing Baratza products, support and service. This helps us refine our approach to product design and customer support.

In addition Joyce works to support the coffee community and baristas through sponsorship of many different events and competitions via SCA, World Of Coffee, BGA and individual organizations and cafes. With her strong background in customer care and project management, Joyce uses her experience, know-how and passion for the speciality coffee industry to forge strong connections between Baratza and its customers, now and in the future.

Selina Peña
Social Media Specialist


Selina Pena joined the Baratza Marketing team in December of 2020 as our Social Media Specialist, based in the San Francisco Bay Area. She brings a wealth of coffee knowledge having worked in specialty coffee for the past nine years, managing cafes in Washington D.C., Los Angeles, Denver, and San Francisco. Selina is no stranger to the world of coffee competitions having competed in the Barista Competition and helping to run the SCA Brewers Cup Competition. Helping our environment by reducing waste is important to Selina and making our community a better place by exuding kindness to everyone she meets, is her M.O.  Her switch from the café life makes her dog Bones, very happy as he gets to be by her side all the time! When she’s not deep in the world of sharing about Baratza grinders and hearing about them in the wild, Selina loves cooking from scratch, macrame, bouldering, snowboarding, drawing, and all things plants!

Operations & Sales

Diane Wood
Logistics and Customer Account Manager

Bellevue WA

Diane has been with Baratza since 2012 has been instrumental in managing the necessary processes and procedures to maximize our efficiency during our ongoing growth.

She is responsible for receiving, warehousing, order entry and shipping product plus Accounts Receivable – yes she’s who you’ll be talking to if you have a question about your order! In addition, as we have grown, Diane has stepped in to manage our Human Resources. Diane’s steady head and hand, her attention to detail and focus on customer satisfaction has been critical to the growth of Baratza!

Leah Ford
Customer Account Relations Administrator
Leah Ford

Bellevue WA

Leah joined the Baratza team in May 2020, after a brief adventure in starting a micro-roastery. Prior to that, she worked closely with roasters, carriers and warehouse partners as an Outbound Logistics Analyst at Atlas Coffee Importers.

As Baratza’s Customer Account Relations Administrator, Leah is the main contact for managing the orders from our US and Canadian wholesale customers and assists them with everything they need to be successful in carrying our grinders. She coordinates with various intercompany teams to facilitate wholesale support, shipping, and accounts receivable.

Deb Kreitler
Controller & HR Administrator

Bellevue WA

Deb joined the Baratza team in early 2019 to help manage operations and growth of the accounting department, covering Billing, Payroll, A/R, and all financial reporting. She has many years’ of experience helping small and medium size businesses manage their day to day accounting operations while helping them streamline and modernize their processes.

Deb’s talents will be well used in driving improvements in accounting processes at Baratza while also organizing and documenting procedures. Her strong background in Benefits Administration and Human Resources will also help us grow and care for our team.

Deb enjoys learning about the many businesses she’s worked in. Now she has an opportunity to learn about one of the more iconic industries that Seattle is famous for. And also learn how to make a really great cup of coffee!

Carla Mokin
Head of International Operations & Quality Team Lead

Bellevue WA

Carla joined our operations team in August 2017. She handles Baratza’s international sales & support and maintains strong relationships with our global importers. Carla has identified product reliability and quality as essential for the success of our importers and resellers, and she now leads the Quality Team in the pursuit of improving user experience. Since 2009, she has worked in the Specialty coffee industry doing coffee R&D as well as holding positions as a barista, trainer, wholesale salesperson, and retail shop manager. Carla gets how business works, from the ground up, and uses this knowledge to support our international importers. Her strong understanding of our product, combined with excellent organization and communication skills, make Carla a valuable teammate.

Karen Kawaguchi
Special Projects Manager & Global Strategic Specialist

SF Bay Area

Karen Kawaguchi joined Baratza in 2014 to grow and develop our International Sales and Team. Currently, she is now working on special global and corporate projects.  She works closely with the CEO to plan and implement special projects, within and across teams, to optimize efficiency and productivity. She will continue to be involved with International Operations as well, to build and support global relationships.

Karen brings a wealth of experience to the team from her previous career in software, analysis, and project management.   The Baratza Management Team has come to rely on Karen’s  project management and business analyst skills, as well as her wisdom and patience.

Ryan Brennan
Specialty Account Manager

Bellevue WA

Ryan joined the Baratza team in February of 2020. After re-locating from Southern California to Seattle in 2015, he pursued a budding passion coffee. Soon after, he became committed to the long-term goal of making a career in the specialty coffee industry, so he began as a barista. Since then, he’s spent time as a coffee roaster, a green buyer, a director of coffee, and most recently as a member of the wonderful Baratza Customer Support team. He’s now working as a Specialty Account Manager, and he’s beyond stoked to continue his journey with Baratza and Breville. Aside from his love of all things coffee, he loves craft beer, menswear, playing volleyball and Spikeball, and most of all, people!

Greg Girton
Data Analyst & Forecaster PARTNER


Greg’s current area of responsibility includes purchasing and forecasting grinder sales and spare parts used for repair and resale. Other areas of his work include statistical analysis and warranty product returns. He spent several years leading the service team in Bellevue before taking on his current role. Before coming to Baratza in 2013 he was a highly successful Customer Service Manager with award winning, “Creating ONLY Very Satisfied Customers” teams in various industries from Coffee, Fitness, to Computer Connectivity Products.

Product Design

David Littrell
Design & Development PARTNER

Bellevue WA

David has been instrumental in developing grinders and accessories for Baratza since 2001. David understands the marketplace and his partnering with Kyle and Kyra in product development has resulted in building a brand that is a market leader in both aesthetics and innovation.

Principal designer at threeFishdesign, David has utilized over 25 years of developing consumer products to guide Baratza grinders to being industry-leading products. His passion for developing great products supports Baratza’s goal of delivering outstanding experiences and quality products to their customers.


Pierce Jens
Customer Support Manager & Systems Administrator

Bellevue WA

Pierce joined our support team in 2011 where he used his innate mechanical ability, knowledge of Baratza grinders, concise written communication and quirky personality to solve customer’s problems. In addition he has repaired and serviced all our current & legacy grinders. He also shines as our resident Baratza Support video star!

Pierce’s deep product knowledge and team leading skills have led him to the role of Customer Support Manager. He manages our growing support team as well as our Grinder Repair and Grinder Refurbish Programs. Pierce has brought great process to our customer support approach enabling us to maximize the various team member skills to provide faster and improved service. While working, he also completed his business degree at University of Washington.

Jordan Markezich
Support Specialist

Bellevue WA

Jordan joined the Baratza support team after making countless lattes and serving thousands of customers. Having been born and raised in the Seattle area, he ventured to Greenville, South Carolina to study philosophy at Furman University. While there, he began exploring the world of specialty coffee as both a barista and roaster at one of the first specialty coffee shops in the area. He was a Baratza customer before joining the team, so he knows firsthand how important it is that every customer receives the help they need to make that perfect cup of coffee.

Jordan is passionate about helping you achieve the best cup quality possible, and he looks forward to offering you advise and repair information via phone or email.

Conor Poull
Support Specialist

Bellevue WA

Conor began his career in technical and customer support, working with telecom and stereo equipment. After many years supporting customers, he discovered a passion for coffee. After 4 years as a Barista in the cafe, and competing in the US Brewers Cup competition, Conor has returned to support customers in the industry he loves, helping them get the best from their grinders!  Conor is an advocate for equality in the coffee community, and a consistent volunteer/judge at SCA competitions.

Dani Lapuz
Support Specialist

Bellevue WA

Dani joined the Baratza Support Team in the midst of our challenges of Covid-19.  She grew up in Southern California where she started her coffee career as a barista in 2015. This was the location of her first Baratza moment. Her boss eloquently explained to a customer the importance of the bean, it’s origin, his roast and the need to respect the bean by using a quality grinder, not the customer’s proposed whirly blade grinder! A move from California to the remote San Juan Islands in Washington followed where she fell in love with the nature that the Pacific Northwest has to offer. Dani continued life as a barista in the Seattle region, growing to take on Assistant Manager responsibilities for a prominent café. Having used an Encore at home and Forte grinders at work, she was very familiar with the joy of using our grinders before joining our Support team! When not in the coffee scene, Dani loves a good DIY or craft project. Her favorite projects are finding and restoring old furniture pieces found at thrift stores and tending her garden and many houseplants.

Bethany Icenhower
Support Specialist
Bethany Icenhower

Bellevue WA

Bethany joined the Baratza Support Team in October of 2020. While obtaining her B.A. in both Studio Art and Arts Management in Charleston, SC, she started working as a barista at a specialty coffee shop. Resonating with the tactile nature of brewing coffee, so began a new passion. That opportunity allowed her to cultivate skills in brewing and palate development, as well as a zeal for the coffee industry and warm hospitality. A move to Seattle in 2018 launched her coffee career within Sea Creatures restaurant group. There she was able to step into management roles at General Porpoise Doughnuts, along with starting a coffee program at The Whale Wins.

Having worked with Baratza grinders at home and admiring the company for their leadership in sustainable design, a wonderful opportunity arose to join the team amidst challenges brought on by the Covid-19 pandemic. When she’s not talking coffee, Bethany enjoys creating mixed-media artwork, experimenting with cooking/baking, and vintage shopping. She’s a big fan of LOTR,  interior design, and natural wine!

Ben Arbuckle
Support Specialist
Ben Arbuckle

Bellevue WA

Ben joined the Baratza Support Team in early 2021. Born and raised near Kansas City in a thriving specialty coffee scene, he knew from a young age that a coffee career was in his future. After journeying to the Seattle area for the gorgeous scenery and modern coffee culture, he completed a bachelor’s degree in Psychology in order to better understand the inner workings of himself and others. During his undergrad, Ben was fortunate enough to work in specialty coffee and to encounter his first Baratza grinder! Seeing the thought and care that go into Baratza’s products, he jumped at the opportunity to be a part of the team. When he is not attempting to herd his two cats, Jacky and Norman, you can find him trying out different cafés and restaurants, playing the guitar or video games, and caring for his many houseplants. Above all, he loves to see people, processes, and products thrive and work the best they can, which applies to your morning brew too!

Malorie Carr
Support Specialist

Bellevue, WA

Malorie joined the Baratza Support Team in May of 2021. Baratza’s core concepts of “Don’t Dump It, Fix It” and taking care of customers and colleagues alike is what drew her to this role. Having worked in the coffee industry since 2016, she has worked with a variety of Baratza grinders in her years at cafes as well as at home and is excited to work with you to keep your grinder going for years to come!  Malorie grew up all over the Midwest but has found a true feeling of home in Seattle. She loves exploring the food scene and thrift store scene across the city, and you’re not likely to find her anywhere without her trusty pal Echo, the German Shepherd.

Service & Shipping

Quinn Anderson
Service Manager & BGM Production Liaison

Bellevue WA

Quinn has worked with Baratza since 2009, he started out repairing and refurbishing grinders in the US. He has had two stints in Taiwan, the latest in 2016 to launch the manufacturing of the Sette Series.  He’s now come full circle to managing our US Grinder Repair and Grinder Refurbish Programs, including Shipping.

While working in Taiwan with BGM, our manufacturing partner since 2006, Quinn implemented processes and procedures to ensure that manufacturing is quality driven at every stage of the process, and that product enhancements are implemented and tested.  He worked with our parts suppliers to ensure that every component of our grinders were produced to the specifications we demanded. His role revolved around identifying and communicating problems, solutions, and plans, to ensure a win-win for both Baratza and BGM.

Quinn’s extensive knowledge of every aspect of the build of our grinders, the role each part plays in the overall production of your grind, is a huge asset to the leadership of our Service team and the quality of our programs.

Daniel Hollon
Senior Service Technician

Bellevue WA

Daniel has been with Baratza since 2017. He is focused on our Repair and Refurbishment programs. He brings all grinders back up to current specs and breathes new life into them for their current or future owners. He has an incredible eye for detail and strives to figure out the source of any problem, then fix and test it. He is a constant source of knowledge for our Support and Service teams when handling technical grinder issues.

Daniel works with the team to figure out manufacturing and field fixes that fit with Baratza’s culture of continuous improvements.

Ory Packer
Service Technician
Ory Packer

Bellevue WA

Ory helps us uphold our goal to make sure no Baratza grinder winds up in the landfill by his detailed attention to servicing the grinders that come in to us. He gives it a full inspection to assess the failure point and to check for any damaged, worn, or out-dated parts, to be sure that the grinder he sends back to a customer is in tip-top condition. Ory loves to fix and work on OLD classic Baratza conicals. Being over 20 years in the business of building value grinders, he does see some great gems come through – much loved and used – just in need of a bit of a tune up. In his spare time he makes his own music, though he’s pretty quiet and humble about that talent he has!

Joshua Duerkopp
Service Technician

Bellevue WA

Josh joined our Customer Support team in May 2018. As a German native he is fluent in both English and German, and has become fluent at speaking to our customers and helping them answer all the questions about their grinders as well.

Josh has found a keen interest to help customers troubleshoot their grinders efficiently and personably. He values the hands-on experience of repairing them and transmitting all that knowledge to coffee lovers who encounter a setback. Along with an intense curiosity, Josh has a creative sense for mechanics and film, which makes him the perfect on-site camera man, for our grinder education and troubleshooting videos. Be sure to check out YouTube channel for his upcoming shots.

Tom Dykstra
Service Technician / Data Analyst & Parts Ordering

Bellevue WA

Before heading west and joining our team in September 2018, Tom graduated from the University of Oklahoma with a BA in International Security Studies. An avid cook and guitar player, Tom loves to solve puzzles – and he’s proven to be pretty good at it. Since joining Baratza, he’s done everything from repairing and refurbishing grinders to developing analytics systems for our Quality Team, forecasting parts usage, and occasionally pulling double-duty for our Support Team. He’s currently studying at Portland State to get his Masters in Global Supply Chain Management.

Chris Malcolm
Warehouse Coordinator

Bellevue WA

Chris is key to ensuring that we get grinders and parts to our retailers and consumers in a timely manner, so they and their customers can enjoy freshly ground coffee. As the point person for shipping and receiving guru, Chris is the person who picks and packs your Baratza spare parts orders! If your grinder needs a spare part, you can rest assured that it will arrive packaged safely and picked with accuracy. Aside from this facet of aiding customer’s in home repair of their machines, Chris is also responsible for our Bellevue location warehouse logistics, assuring that our inventory of grinders and parts is flush and properly cycled.