One of the best features of a burr grinders is a precise and repeatable adjustment system. It allows you to set your grind just right for your needs every time.

When you get a new coffee, however, you need to “dial in” to taste because each and every coffee is different. We have lots of resources for folks who want to dive into this process, but at the core it’s about finding the right grind for your coffee, your method, and your taste.

We provide a helpful chart with recommended grind settings for different methods on all of our grinder models. But there’s the catch – they are just recommendations. Think of these settings as starting points on the path to perfectly dialed-in coffee.

Coffee is full of variables- both in how it’s grown and processed and also how it’s roasted and brewed. Add to that the extra complication of personal taste, and it becomes impossible to declare one grind setting “correct” for all coffees and all users.

Some coffees are more physically dense than others. Some are roasted darker or lighter. A fresh bag of coffee will brew differently than a slightly older bag. All of this has an effect on how you need to grind it. If we told you something as simple as “use number 17” it would do a disservice to the coffee, and to you as a fan of delicious coffee.

Instead, we recommend the settings we like most often for different methods, and encourage you to explore further. Not only will this provide the best results for your taste, you might find that it can be very rewarding using your precision coffee grinder, your sense of taste, and a few other tips and tricks to discover interesting flavors with each new coffee you bring home. That’s the beauty of owning your own grinder – you’re not bound to one specific pre-ground setting!

So, use our recommended starting settings to get in the right neighborhood for your grind. Then, dive in and start tasting! Soon enough, you’ll have dialed in that perfect cup!

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