We love exploring coffee from different origins and across different methods. Cracking open a fresh bag of beans and trying it on espresso as well as a pour-over is one of the best parts of owning a multipurpose, high-quality coffee grinder.

The Sette makes this an especially exciting proposition thanks to the ease with which you can change between grind sizes and the accessibility for multiple methods of making coffee. We have gathered a few examples and techniques here – handy tools to keep in your brewing toolbox.

There is no one “correct” way to brew coffee, and even if there were, we would prefer not to say so (remember “We Grind, You Brew”). That being said, here’s our experience with this grinder and some methods we enjoy exploring.

Slow and low

“Slow and low” refers to brewing coffee by gently applying water while keeping grounds barely submerged. This is a gentle, but labor intensive, method of brewing coffee that we particularly like on flat-bottom drippers like the Kalita Wave.

The result? Brews with great body, and persistent sweetness from hot to cold. Like a saison beer, or rose wine, this is coffee we could drink all day.

You might notice some slower draw-down of water, or a coffee bed that looks “silty.” These can sometimes be signs of brewing issues, but don’t forget to taste your coffee first and foremost! Evaluating a cup based on its flavor is the single best way to know if you like a coffee.

High and dry

“High and dry” refers to the look of coffee after brewing with this technique. Basically after evenly wetting the grounds, and letting it bloom, you pour more aggressively – filling the dripper up to the top and keeping it there until you’ve added all the water your brew calls for. Focusing on the center of the cone to minimize the amount of coffee obstructing water.

Don’t be afraid of pulling your filter when it’s time even if it’s not done fully draining.

The result? A more diverse and varied cup, thanks to the fluid extraction of high and dry brewing. This adds variety to your morning cup. “High and dry” can spice things up! It’s also a great way to make bigger batches of coffee, which often take too long to draw down due to their size.


Something a little different

For the tinkerer in you, consider Tetsu Kasuya’s 4:6 method and experimenting with the Melodrip water diffuser. These methods really switched my expectations because of how different they are from what I “knew” about brewing. My skepticism going into these methods did not stop me from making some very tasty brews!

Sette Melodrip

The even hydration of the Melodrip, plus the big benefits of 4:6 may enhance sweetness or acidity, which really lets a coffee sing on this grinder!

Swap the burrs

As you know, the Sette gives you the ability to easily interchange between two different burrs – the S1 and the S2. This allows you to unlock a different range of grind sizes and try a new surfeit of coffee extractions. Using the brewing same methods and techniques, you can change your grind parameters by switching to the S2 burr.

You might notice at the same settings as before, your brews may have a lighter body and changes in aroma. This might be particularly useful to explore different origin flavors. Just like roasting requires different profiles, adjusting your grind setting by switching burr geometries can be an effective approach to release the potential of your beans.

Find your approach

Playing around with brewing methods and exploring takes us back to our early days “down the rabbit hole” of coffee. It’s often easy to forget the diversity of flavors available in coffee when you focus on the how you brew. The goal is to find your preferred balance.

At the end of the day, the Sette is a multipurpose grinder, exceptional for espresso and also good for single-cup manual brew methods or Automatic brewers. The easy ability to swap between two different burrs and unlock a different brewing experience to experiment with, is a unique feature in home grinders.

Wherever you are in your coffee journey, the Sette is a great tool for exploring extraction and flavor with ease.