Coffee grinders are the best way to elevate your morning ritual at home! Ask any barista and they’ll tell you how essential it is to grind your dose right before you brew it if you care about the quality of your cup. Why? When coffee is ground, it exposes more of its surface area to oxygen causing it to go stale extremely quickly so it’s not recommended to pre-grind in bulk.

So, if you’ve got a coffee lover in your life, an electric burr coffee grinder is the perfect gift idea for the 2022 holiday season. Load up a Baratza grinder with a recently-roasted bag of your favorite holiday blend and fill the air with the fragrance of fresh ground coffee (with a hint of holiday spirit, of course)!


Baratza Encore

The industry’s favorite coffee grinder — and our best budget option!

The Encore tops the charts as the most-recommended grinder (here’s an article from Wirecutter to prove it)! Baristas love it for its mix of quality, simple operation, and accessible price tag. And now, it’s easier than ever to get grinding during the 20% off promo happening at all participating retailers! It’s only available while supplies last so be sure to order one before the promotion is gone!

Who’s it for? The Encore is the perfect gift for anyone entering the world of specialty coffee. Know someone wh’s been exploring new beans? Experimenting with pour-overs? Get them the Encore at any participating retailer.


Baratza Virtuoso+

A powerful upgrade for filter coffee lovers

The Virtuoso+ is the Encore’s bigger sibling and features the upgraded M2 burr set. With a metal top, digital timer, and integrated barista lights, you’ll be grinding the best-tasting coffee in style. Fun fact: it’s also the go-to grinder of The Barista League, an international fast-paced coffee competition for baristas!

Who’s it for? The Virtuoso+’s timer doses coffee with 0.1-second precision. It pairs perfectly with a batch brewer and is a great gift for folks who want a simple, hands-free coffee experience.

Baratza Flat Burr Grinders

For anyone in search of commercial-style precision, clarity, and sweetness

The Vario+ and Vario W+ bring the clarity, sweetness, and flavor profile of large commercial-style flat burrs to your kitchen counter. If you’re looking for bulletproof build quality and a beefed-up belt-drive transmission system, opt for the Forte AP if you love espresso or the Forte BG if you primarily enjoy filter coffee brew methods.

Who’s it for? Our flat burr line is for seasoned coffee enthusiasts who want the precision and speed of large, 54mm flat burrs. If someone already owns an Encore or Virtuoso+, the flat burr line makes for a worthy upgrade. With simple-to-swap burrs, easily repairable parts, and a selection of accessories, our flat burr grinders can be customized however you want to brew with it.


Baratza Sette Series

For enthusiasts in need of an optimized espresso experience

The Sette 30, Sette 270, and Sette 270Wi are built to streamline your espresso preparation. The straight-through design offers low-retention and direct-to-portafilter dosing. And for the ultimate optimized workflow, use the Sette 270Wi’s built-in scale to grind every dose down to the tenth of a gram.

Who’s it for? Espresso lovers, plain and simple. If you love going through a variety of coffees, the shut-off hopper makes it a breeze to swap from bean to bean.

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