With the release of the Vario, we introduced the revolutionary technology of micro grind adjustments. Rather than a machine with X distinct steps of adjustment, the Vario enabled users to further fine tune their grind.

Today, micro-adjustment is available on six different Baratza grinders: the Sette 270, 270Wi, the Vario, Vario-W, Forte, and Forte BG. Using these machines opens users up to a huge number of different grind settings, and gives you the precise control over your grind required to dial in that perfect espresso.

Each model uses slightly different technology to provide micro-adjustment, but the basic concept is the same: take a grind size determined by the macro scale and move it just a little bit.


Take the Forte for example. At first glance, you might think that this macro/micro adjustment system creates a straight line of grind settings from 1A to 10Z but in fact the settings aren’t completely linear – more like a nudge up or down. To avoid having a gap between each macro step, the micro adjustment system is designed with a little overlap. What this means is that each macro step will contain a few micro grind settings that are finer or coarser than adjacent macro settings. Put more simply: 2A is actually finer than 1Z.

If the adjustment were truly linear, it would make more sense just to have 270 grind settings on the Sette, rather than 31 with micro adjustments. On a stepless adjustment system like the Sette, this also eliminates the awkward process of trying to move a single adjustment scale “just a little bit” because the micro system is the stepless one, preventing any accidental over-adjustment when moving.

This means that when you’re dialing in and can’t quite find the right grind, you can split the difference by moving just a hair finer or coarser using the micro adjustment system. With this level of precision, dialing in espresso quickly and repeatably is a breeze!