About the Acaia Sette Updater App
The 270Wi is Baratza’s first grinder utilizing Bluetooth which enables the customer to update to the latest firmware with their smartphone over the air, if need be (see below).  Updating the firmware on the Sette 270Wi, or finishing the conversion of a W to a Wi, requires the use of the Acaia Sette Updater application. In particular, an Apple phone or tablet must be used, as the Acaia Sette Updater is only available on iOS.

When will the Acaia Sette Updater be available on Android?
There is no estimated release date of the Android version at this time.

Our current testing has shown that updating firmware via an Android app is challenging to the point of delivering a negative user experience, which we do not want. We decided to make the Acaia Sette Updater available only on iOS in order to fast-track the availability of both the Sette 270Wi, as well as the conversion kit for current 270W owners to upgrade to the Wi.

I only have Android devices and feel like I am being left out.
We are hopeful that most, or all, customers who want to convert their 270W to a 270Wi have access to an Apple phone or tablet, via a friend, family member or neighbor. The hassle of needing iOS is partially alleviated by the fact that a 1-time firmware update is all that is required to make the grinder functional again after physically replacing the 270W display with a Wi display.  In addition, the app is free and it’s quick to execute the update process.

Do I need to update my factory-built Wi?
No, updating firmware on a factory-built Wi is not necessary for operation. However, when changes are made to the firmware, your 270Wi can receive those updates via Bluetooth.

Firmware changes are to address minor operating – for example, we’ve eliminated a max run time of ~11 seconds from the firmware. Plus, we’ve changed the preset values for buttons 1, 2 and 3 to the commonly used grind weights of 18g, 25g, 35g, respectively.

As we have more information to share on this topic, we will post it on our blog and/or Sette FAQ page.