This is a guest post from our importer and distributor in Romania, Wanderlust Coffee Company.

In December 2014 we moved to Cluj-Napoca, Romania from San Jose, California. Aligning our customer focus and passion for specialty coffee and education, we partnered with Baratza to become their importers and distributors for Romania with the intent to help progress the specialty coffee industry there.

Because of our background in training and broad experience with the coffee scene with influential companies and people, our vision was to share knowledge and empower the average consumer to prepare excellent coffee in the office or at home.

This approach goes hand in hand with the coffee bars where a friendly and interesting barista captures our attention through stories, while his or her skillful hands create a magical cup of coffee, regardless of the method of brewing.

Specialty coffee has entered into Romania in an apparently arrhythmic way. There are a number of great, high-quality cafes popping up across the country, but the average Romanian has no idea that coffee can be better than what they get at the gas station. We believe that by introducing the people that aren’t already in these specialty cafes to concepts like grinding and brewing at home or the office, we empower them to take that next step into better coffee.

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