We estimate that there are over 1 million people in the world who use a Baratza to grind their coffee beans! Over the years, these loyal Baratza users have asked for accessories or suggested new features to enhance their grinding experience. We can’t take every idea on board, but we did listen and we are excited to introduce BARATZAgear.

BARATZAgear is a brand new product line built to elevate your home coffee brewing experience by amplifying and personalizing the key features of our grinders.

This year we have designed 3 new accessories that are backward compatible for home baristas who love our grinders!

Sette AeroPress Holder

A practical upgrade for Sette owners who are dedicated AeroPress lovers.

By simply sliding this tool onto the Sette convertible arms, your AeroPress coffee maker will fit snug while you grind hands-free directly into it.

Eliminate a step in your coffee brewing preparation process. Easy installation and straightforward operation.

Compatible with Sette 30, Sette 270 and Sette 270Wi.


Encore Accent Kit

Encore Accent Kit

Personalize your Encore in less than a minute by adding a splash of color.

The kit includes a color band for the base of your grinder and matching on/off knob.

So easy, you could change out every week if you wanted, depending on your color mood! Combine with your favorite mug, espresso machine, kettle or your toaster!

Available in white, green, yellow, blue, & orange. Mix and match for a more unique setup.

Only the color band is compatible with Virtuoso and Virtuoso+


Single Dose Hopper

Our new Single Dose Hopper is designed for you to explore different coffees daily. Your entire household can easily switch between decaf or regular, single-origin or blends, light or dark roasts. The Single Dose Hopper keeps your grinder ready for what your palate craves.

This tool allows you to measure out and single-dose only the coffee beans you need for your brewing recipe. The dual-purpose lid of the hopper integrates a cup for dosing on your preferred weighing scale and a transfer vessel for your dose to pour directly into your grinder.

The hopper is simple and quick to install and use. Just pop off your current hopper and replace with the Single Dose Hopper.  Does not require additional tools or modifications.

Compatible with our Encore, Virtuoso+, Vario and Forte grinders. Capacity 60grams