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Category: Grind by Weight

Pay it Forward – Your Old Grinder Can Keep Going

At Baratza, we believe in repair over replacement – you shouldn’t have to buy a new grinder just because your current one broke – Don’t Dump it – Fix it! Sometimes your grinder works well, but you find that as you progress along your coffee journey, yo…

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How to Brew Coffee for a Group

It’s the holiday season, and that means gatherings. Friends, family, coworkers – groups are gathering together for meals and parties, and most of the time coffee is going to be in high demand. If you’re hosting folks in your home, and want to provide a…

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How to Make Espresso for a Group

The holiday season is just around the corner, and that means gatherings of family and friends who may or may not be looking for some coffee to perk them up after a big meal.  Anybody can throw on a pot of brew, sure, but in order to really impress your…

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Key Gadgets for your Coffee Corner

We grind you brew is more than our tagline, it’s a snapshot of the process to enrich life’s moments with coffee. In between, there are handy little tools that can make this process smooth and the final product tastier. Here’s a list of small gadgets fo…

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Grind by Weight

Grind By Weight

It’s important to know how to control the amount of coffee you grind – by volume, time or weight. We cover these three big methods here, but long-story-short the very best of those is to grind coffee by weight. “Grind-by-weight” is the term we use to d…

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Tips and Tricks to Explore Manual Brews with a Sette

We love exploring coffee from different origins and across different methods. Cracking open a fresh bag of beans and trying it on espresso as well as a pour-over is one of the best parts of owning a multipurpose, high-quality coffee grinder. The Sette…

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How to Store your Coffee Beans.

A big part of the joy of grinding great fresh coffee, is fresh coffee. Coming home with a fresh bag of great coffee is a warm and fuzzy moment: so many great flavors await you! Opening the bag, you smell that smell and want to take it in forever! It’s…

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Debunking the Myths About Your Grinder

At Baratza, we’re all grinders all the time. We don’t make anything else (except these cute cups that is!). So, we know a thing or two about them – and we’re always happy to share. You might not know everything about your grinder at home, and that’s ok…

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