If you’re hosting folks in your home, and want to provide a great coffee experience for your guests, it can be a – you’re switching from your usual single cup to brewing for many people at one time! An automatic maker is good to have, and manual brewing is a great way to provide a more personal coffee experience. In either case, it’s helpful to keep some tips and tricks in mind for getting the most out of your coffee and your coffee grinder when caffeinating guests.
Pour Over Prowess
Say you don’t have a whole catalog of brewers and scales, but you do have a classic, Chemex. A little modification of your standard recipe is all it takes to get big volume out of this timeless brewer.

You can brew 4-6 sizeable servingsat a time by grinding more coarse than normal and pouring directly at the center of the cone filter. The coarser grind helps water flow faster, and the center pour creates a divot in the center of the cone which reduces the amount of coffee between your water and the exposed filter tip, where brewed coffee is passing through.
Pour as much water as you can fit into the cone up front, then slowly and steadily keep applying water until you hit 750ml. The brew will take a little while to finish, but if you notice that things are moving too slowly, just lift the filter up an inch and hold it over the Chemex – the remaining water will drain through quickly and you’ll have made a sizeable batch of coffee with much less hassle than spreading it across multiple brews.
Lean into the flexibility of the Aeropress
The Aeropress is an extremely versatile little brewer. There are a million different ways to make coffee on one of these, though most of them are for single cups at a time.Look to the default instructions, however, to find a clever way to make a little coffee go a long way. The standard Aeropress recipe calls for brewing a concentrate, which you then “bypass” (add water to) to create something like an americano.
Aeropress brewing is a quick affair, so you can brew several large batches back to back using the default recipe, then add hot water to create a lot of coffee in a fairly short span of time.
The French Press Connection
If you have one, the trusty French Press can serve you well when brewing for a group. It’s simple to make, tends to yield a lot if you have the classic 8-cup variety, and requires very little direct attention outside of pouring water and pressing down.
Batch Brew and Chill
On the other hand, the holidays are not a time for hubris, but rather for humility. There’s nothing wrong with and letting your BonaVita or Technivorm do the work for you. This way, you have more time with friends and family, and a rare chance to relax during a hectic night of entertaining.

Have a thermos or two kicking around? Load them up with coffee – that way you can store a brew on the side while you make more, and also so your less on-time guests can still have hot coffee!
Nerd Mode
Although it might seem daunting, you’re definitely well equipped to make delicious coffee for your guests! These tips are great starting points, and even more resources are available on our website for how to get the most out of your grinder!
However you go about caffeinating your guests, it’s the passion for coffee you share that counts.