Coffee Sprudgecast – Episode 073: The One With The Founders of Baratza

Baratza is known the world over for their home coffee grinders and we celebrate their 20th anniversary this year(2019). Kyle Anderson and Kyra Kennedy, the founders of Baratza, are interviewed in this episode of the Coffee Sprudgecast.

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Map It Forward – Episode 33

Baratza Co-Founders, Kyra Kennedy and Kyle Anderson, sit with Lee Safar from Map it Forward to talk about Baratza, our origin, and what drives us forward.

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270 Wi Grinder Weight Tests

Watch the video review of the Baratza Sette 270 Wi coffee grinder w/weight tests and naked extraction. Marc from Whole Latte Love tests the dosing weight accuracy of the Sette 270 Wi.


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Baratza in the news - wirecutter

The Wire Cutter Review

Encore and Virtuoso take 1st and 2nd for "The Best Coffee Grinders"

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Mark Prince - Zero Retention Grinder

Mark Prince aka CoffeeGeek

on the benefits of a Zero Retention Grinder

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Baratza in the news - The New York Times

New York Times

The Technology Behind Good Coffee

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Whole Latte Love - Sette 270

Whole Latte Love Video

Marc from reviews both the Sette 270 and Sette 270W grinders.

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Home Grinder - Sette

Home Grinder- Baratza Sette, a review

I predict it will influence grinders made to grind per-order for espresso for years into the future.

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Seattle Coffee Gear - Sette 270W

Seattle Coffee Gear: Sette 270W Sneak Peek

Be sure to check out the sneak peek of what will be a game changing coffee grinder!

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I Brew My Own Coffee Podcast with Bryan Schiele and Brian Beyke

With the launch of the revolutionary new Sette grinder in sight, we're honored to have Baratza's cofounder and mechanical genius Kyle Anderson join us on the show.

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Baratza in the news - PDG

Perfect Daily Grind

There’s a new grinder in town, and boy is it causing a whirr.

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Prima Video - Sette

Prima Video

Baratza's newest grinder is bringing more to the table than ever before.

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Baratza in the news - Barista Hustle

Barista Hustle Blog by Matt Perger

This little guy won the Best New Product award. Congrats to both companies!

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Sprudge: Baratza Sette Get Horizontal

Consumer-focused grinderlords Baratza introduced their new Sette model this week at SCAA in Atlanta…

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Daily Coffee News: Shiny New Products

…a perennial testament to an industry’s passion for creative reinvention.

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Daily Coffee News: Baratza Reveals the Sette: One Rotating Ring to Rule Them All

…a new series of machines to its product line that constitutes a dramatic departure from the company’s previous designs.

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World Aeropress Competition: Meet Joyce Klassen of Baratza

At first glance, one might imagine Baratza to be just a simple coffee grinder manufacturer.

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Fresh Cup: Grinding for a Purpose

What's the most important piece of coffee equipment you own?

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