Update 1/31/22: The Vario+ series has officially begun shipping in the US as of January 2022! Quantities are limited and our partners are reporting high demand. To purchase, please reach out to your preferred specialty coffee equipment retailer to inquire about availability.

Say hello to our new Vario+ and Vario W+ coffee grinders, the next-generation of the award-winning multipurpose Vario line!

New Vario+ Series Lineup!

“Over the years, our quality team has gathered feedback from our engaged community of enthusiasts and professionals. In response, we’ve taken an already popular design and packed it with features that provide the commercial-grade grind quality they’ve come to expect at a café,” said Kyle Anderson, co-founder and lead product designer for Baratza. 

These feature improvements include a high-visibility backlit LCD with an improved user interface, a durable all-metal grind chamber, a fortified adjustment system, LED barista lights to monitor output, and two colorways: all-white and metal-and-black.

Check out the product page for full specs: Vario+ / Vario W+ . All new Vario+ and Vario W+ grinders are expected to ship late November 2021.

The multipurpose master for every coffee journey

We LOVE that we still get emails from you with photos of your Varios that are still running even after nearly 12 years of operation! But as the demands of specialty coffee require more and more precision and durability, we’ve decided to make these improvements to further future-proof the Vario+ series with the hopes that it will allow for additional decades of delicious coffee. By improving on the foundation of our innovative macro/micro adjustment system, we think we’ve created the most versatile, convenient, and feature-rich home grinder for anything from the finest grinds for espresso to consistently coarse grounds for French Press–and everything in between!

Sustainability: How we’re fighting planned obsolescence & improving packaging

We design our grinders to be user-serviceable with readily available replacement parts and guides. Our knowledgeable support and repair teams help you keep their grinders out of the landfill and grinding fresh coffee for years. Each step from seed to cup depends on the health of the planet. Now, we’ve set our sights on doing our part to reduce waste with the new Beautiful Brown Brown BoxTM, a simplified packaging solution that seeks to make all components recyclable.

(Learn more about our sustainability efforts)

All new Vario+ and Vario W+ grinders are expected to ship beginning in late November 2021, packaged in the Beautiful Brown BoxTM.

Vario+ and Vario W+ Key Features:

  • Multipurpose grind range from espresso to French Press
  • Precision macro & micro adjustment with 220 grind settings 
  • Intuitive user interface with high visibility LCD display
  • Small footprint & low-profile design fits under most kitchen cabinets
  • Large 54mm precision flat burrs: Steel burrs (Vario W+) or ceramic burrs (Vario+)
  • Digital timer(Vario+)/weight interface(Vario W+) for hands-free dosing & manual dosing
  • All-metal burr chamber for commercial-grade durability
  • Powerful DC motor with 10+-year expected lifespan
  • Purposefully designed to be repairable and minimize impact on the landfill
  • Packaged in the NEW sustainability-focused Beautiful Brown BoxTM
  • US MAP Pricing: Vario+ $529, Vario W+ $599

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