At Baratza, we believe in repair over replacement – you shouldn’t have to buy a new grinder just because your current one broke – Don’t Dump it – Fix it!

Sometimes your grinder works well, but you find that as you progress along your coffee journey, you need more out of the machine than you originally thought. Maybe you want to gain the precision that a micro-adjustment system offers, or you’d like to experience award-winning grind-by-weight technology.

In cases like this, upgrading is the only option, which leaves your old grinder without a home. Although your old grinder doesn’t meet your new needs, that doesn’t mean that someone else won’t love what it has to offer! Even if it needs a tune-up, you can always give away (or even sell) the old machine to keep it going strong rather than in the landfill.

Ship of Theseus

These grinders can keep on going so long as you’re willing to put parts into them – if you’re looking to upgrade functionality by getting a different Baratza model, you probably already know this. Machines break, it’s unavoidable, but making parts available and grinders user-serviceable is how we set ourselves apart.
Even if you owned your original machine for fifteen years, it’s got plenty of life left in it with a little tune-up and a few new parts. We see this all the time in our flat-rate repair program – decades-old grinders come frequently, and leave running like new!

Resale Value

A great way to recoup the cost of buying a new grinder is to sell the machine it’s replacing. There’s surely someone out there looking for a good deal on a working coffee grinder, and even if yours is in bad shape, that repair program gets it in certifiably great shape. If you include the repair invoice with the machine when you hand it off, the warranty on the repair transfers, further adding value to the unit.


Let us not forget the gift of giving! Those of us down the rabbit hole of coffee know plenty of folks who love the craft and want to brew better coffee but haven’t yet taken the second big step in their journey – a great grinder. What better gift than a long-beloved, well-cared-for coffee grinder from a friend or family member who’s moved on? A grinder can stay “in the family” for generations so long as everyone takes care of it, and is willing to get it fixed if misfortune strikes.

Just like the good old, classic car your father kept in the garage, or that vintage piano your mom so much loves.





@Getchusomegear has been hooking up baristas (and other coffee pros!), who hold marginalized identities, with free coffee gear and educational materials since June 2019, to help them explore their craft. By donating your old, working Baratza grinder to Getchusomegear you’re helping them make the tools for success in the coffee industry more accessible for their beneficiaries.

Here’s our point – Pay it Forward

We never want to see someone leave their grinder, but understand if you’ve moved far enough along in your coffee journey that you need new functionality. Just think twice before simply discarding your old grinder – it can still do great work for someone else!