We’re (almost) packed, organized, and totally prepared to be immersed in the wonderful madness that is EXPO and the annual gathering of our Specialty Coffee community.

We will be in booth #759, super close to the SCA Membership Lounge, right in the heart of the show space! Come and check out the complete line up of our grinders.


  • The launch of the Virtuoso+ Come see the Virtuoso+ in action – digital timer, interior grounds bin lights – it’s a serious upgrade!
  • On our Brew Bar – At EXPO this year we are focusing on manual brewing with the Sette. We have so many users in the US and overseas that are using it for brewing and we want to share that experience, beyond the espresso focus that it has had so far. We’re using it exclusively in-house for all our own brewing and will have some of our own team plus guest baristas available to brew for you. We encourage you to come watch, or brew, and take this time to learn more about the Sette for brewing.
  • 20th Anniversary celebration – Yes, we are 20 years in the business of grinders this year! We are producing a limited number of special edition grinders for the fun of it. Come get a scratcher and enter to win!

Who’ll be there?

Our team this year will be – Kyra Kennedy and Kyle Anderson, Baratza co-owners; Joyce Klassen & Xavi Guerrero (Marketing); Karen Kawaguchi & Carla Mokin (International Ops); Quinn Anderson (Service & Production) plus Rachel Reed (Sales Operations). If you’ve emailed with us or talked over the phone only, we’d love the chance to say hello in person and put faces to names and voices.


Coffee tastiness will abound on our brew bar thanks to a host of wonderful guest roasters and baristas who will brew up their delicious coffees when you visit our booth. Coffees from Verve, Methodical, Messenger, Onyx, Camber Coffee, Stamp Act and our Australian Partners 5 Senses.  We’re excited to have a couple of the top 2019 US Brewers Cup competitors guest brewing – Kaley Gann (1st) and Lance Hedrick (3rd) plus Todd Goldsworthy, 2016 Brewers Cup Champion. We will also have Ray Murakawa of MeloDrip doing a special demo of his MeloDripper.

There will be times for you to come and brew, trying out our Settes or the new Virtuoso+. Check our schedules via social media to see the open slots!

Fun Events

  • Thursday – we co-sponsor The Chocolate Barista Party a kick-off event and social safe space for coffee people of color to hang out together and feel seen before Expo starts. Everyone is invited to attend and support!
  • Friday – Barista League is back in the US and have planned a huge game show party called Flavour Wheel Feud  There will be eight teams of all stars representing communities like Glittercat, Black Coffee, Coffee Producers, Head Judges, She’s the Roaster etc. all competing in a fun game show wrapped in a big party.


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It’s going to be a hugely exciting few days of connecting with our customers and the specialty coffee community – in our booth, at parties, at competitions, and all over town! Be sure to stop by the booth to say hello – see you soon!